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Electro-Voice XLC impresses at Illinois State Fair

An Electro-Voice XLC sound system from Mason Sound (Jacksonville, IL) raised the bar for sound quality at this year’s Illinois State Fair, which ran from August 8-17 and featured live performances by big names including ZZ Top, Fergie, Brooks & Dunn, Joan Jett, Huey Lewis, and Trace Adkins.

“Since taking delivery on our new EV XLC-127DVX system in January, we’ve continued to be very impressed by its ease of use and excellent sound quality,� says Mike Mason. “The main stage at the Illinois State Fair was our biggest show so far with the system, for which we deployed 36 XLC-DVX127 line-array boxes (18 per side) powered by TG-7 amps (loaded with RCM-26 DSP modules with FIR filters), running three amps for six boxes. The entire system is controlled by IRIS-Net, which is very intuitive and easy to navigate—very straightforward. This system has the capacity to cover between 13,000 and 15,000 people, and it’s a relatively compact and lightweight system for what it can do, with very straightforward rigging—it goes up and down easier than any system we’ve ever worked with. We’ve done indoor theaters with four boxes ground-stacked per side, all the way up to the long hangs for these big summer fairs. IRIS-Net control and the DSP modules, coupled with the performance of the DVX woofers and audio quality of the amps, all ensures consistently excellent sound quality with minimal tweaking—the system just sounds good.�

“The XLC-DVX is cleaner and clearer than any other line array I’ve heard,� Mason adds, “and thanks to the FIR filtering there’s more separation. Everything has sounded crystal clear in every application. We had uniformly positive feedback from the engineers mixing on the system at the state fair, from ‘it’s the smoothest, truest-sounding PA I’ve ever mixed on’, to ‘I heard things I didn’t know the band was doing onstage before’. That’s what we like to hear. Sonically is all there, and in equal parts; hardly any EQ’ing or tuning has been necessary beyond the factory settings EV supplied. We were happy to see engineers turn up the rig and say ‘sounds great—we don’t have to do anything’.

The customer support we’ve received has been fantastic—another strong point with Electro-Voice. If I had to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, I’d give it a 15. George Georgallis and Stu Schatz (EV Tech Support) provided IRIS-Net and LAPS (Line Array Prediction Software) support and were right there, eager to help us get comfortable with the new system. It sounds incredible, and impresses everyone who hears it, plays through it, and mixes on it.�


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