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Elias Arts Music for Toyota Venza Campaign Extends to Become Full Length Tracks for Consumers

Santa Monica, CA, April 2, 2009 – A world renowned creative collective, Elias Arts, a company devoted to music composition, strategy and production and best known for its work in the advertising and branding industry, has created original music for a new, three spot TV campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi LA, promoting the 2009 Toyota Venza. The music from two of these spots proved so popular with consumers, that Toyota then commissioned Elias Arts to extend the music from two of those spots into full-length tracks, which are now available for free download via

Working closely with Saatchi LA, Elias Arts initially produced three original tracks for the spots titled “World,� “Orbit� and “Push It.� To view these three TV spots, please click here:
To listen to the full length tunes “Brighter Day� and “Thrive,� please click here:

Says Erich Funke, the Saatchi LA Creative Director on Venza, “I love the music Elias Arts created for this campaign. The mix of different styles is fresh and engaging Look, you know it’s good when people beg for seconds.”

Adds Ann Haugen, Executive Producer, Elias Arts, “As soon as these Venza spots began to air, we were overwhelmed by emails and phone calls from consumers, telling us how much they loved these tracks! At that point, we had the idea of extending the music to become full-length songs. The agency and Toyota loved the idea. At that point, composers ‘Kemo’ Kemp and Kenny Segal next wrote and produced the full length tunes ‘Brighter Day’ and ‘Thrive.’ Toyota is responsive to its customers and wanted to indulge their passion for new music. This project proves, once again, that in addition to music for 30-second spots, Elias Arts also has the creative talent to write and master full-length, CD-quality tracks for consumers.�

Regarding his tune “Brighter Day� (song length-3:23) Elias Arts composer Christopher “Kemo� Kemp, said, “For this track, we retained the talents of Merritt Lear, the singer with a band called Assassins. The instrumentation on this track included cello, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, mellotron strings and live drums. Our drummer was Bernie Dresel, who played with the Bryan Stetzer Orchestra for many years. We were going for a song with a hopeful yet ethereal, forward-motion feel. Merritt’s voice was so pretty while she’s singing ‘I know we will get there,’ that I tripled it for the verses, downplaying the instrumentation to make those verses stand out more. Then, when the chorus hits you, the song is less about the vocals and more about the feeling, so we notched up the instruments. Renowned mastering engineer Mike Lazer at Paramount Studios (Gnarls Barkley, Snoop Dogg, Rob Zombie) did the mastering for this project, helping to make our song sound even better.�

Kenny Segal, Elias Arts composer of the tune “Thrive� (length-2:44), says, “For the initial, short piece of music for the ‘World’ spot, I started off with some reverse country guitar loops, building a groove. That track came together rather quickly. For the extended version of this song, it took me a while to think about how I could next create a ‘country hoedown meets techno’ feel. I then brought in a violin and crowd-sounding clapping. Once I had the concept in my mind, all of these ideas came together and worked out rather nicely. Mike Lazer at Paramount Studios also mastered ‘Thrive.’�


A pre-eminent and world renowned creative collective, Elias Arts is devoted to music composition, strategy and production. The company has employed the emotional strength of music and sound to launch, grow and reposition the most recognized brands and companies worldwide. Elias Arts has worked with well over half of the Fortune 1000 companies, and has also helped turn numerous startups into everyday brand names. Among the clients Elias Arts has worked with are AOL, Mastercard, Sony, Columbia Pictures, Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Ebay, Honda, Intel, Visa, Yahoo, Universal Studios, Microsoft, McDonalds, ESPN and General Motors, to name just a few

With offices in Santa Monica and New York City, global resources and a renowned roster of gifted composers, producers, and marketers, the mission of Elias Arts is to constantly strive for creative excellence and distinction through the art of music and sound design. The company is the recipient of over 700 major industry awards from around the world. Please visit