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NASHVILLE, TN — Elixir Strings will be featuring its Elixir® Cables, including the recently released patch cable, at this year’s Summer NAMM show (Booth 728). With the addition of the patch cable, players can experience the true voice of their guitar through their entire signal chain from guitar through the pedal board to the amp.

“Players can have the finest guitar, amps and effects pedals around, but if they’re not using the proper cabling their guitar may not sound the best it can,� explains Craig Theorin, Elixir Strings product manager. “Ordinary cables distort the sound of players’ guitars by artificially boosting the mids and cutting the highs. Using our full line of patch and instrument cables reduces capacitance and minimizes tone loss from their entire setup.�

For further signal clarity, Elixir Cables feature a dual shield construction to protect against both EMI and handling noise. Whether in the studio or on tour, Elixir Cables are designed to withstand the rigors of repeated use. The full line of Elixir Cables utilizes an abrasion-resistant jacket to allow maximum flexibility while providing superior cut resistance. The cables are also crush resistant and offer a space-grade center conductor to improve flex life and overall reliability.

The patch cables are available in 6-inch and 12-inch lengths with a right-angle-to-right-angle plug configuration.

Along with the addition of the patch cable, Elixir Strings has revamped the packaging for its entire cable line. The updated packaging features a new brighter, bolder look that is in line with the Elixir Strings brand, making it easily identifiable to players familiar with the company’s strings.

The new packaging also offers added flexibility for retailers. It features a more standardized shape, making it easier to hang, stack or display on a retail counter. In addition, the packaging is easier to open overall, allowing players to inspect the cable assembly before even leaving the store.

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