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Emmy Winning Audio Specialist Peter Cole Launches Before Noon Post

Studio City, CA, February 21, 2008 – Before Noon Post Production Sound Services, Inc. (Before Noon,) has been launched as an independent, “forward thinking,” full service audio post production company for the entertainment and corporate industries. Before Noon is helmed by multi-Emmy Award winning audio specialist Peter Cole, a specialist with over 30 years of experience working within Hollywood‘s audio community.

Headquartered in Studio City, CA, Before Noon provides a complete range of audio post production services to its clients, full sound packages including mixing (re-recording in all formats,) sound design, dialog editorial, music editing, Foley, ADR, language localization, restoration, and repurposing (stereo to 5.1 remixing.)

Under Cole‘s direction, Before Noon will specialize in audio post for television projects, major and independent feature film releases, DVD and home entertainment properties, theme park audio, trailers, advertising, and the full gamut of multi-media projects. The company will also provide audio post services to corporate clients, as Cole has worked in the past with such entities as law enforcement agencies and even the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Regarding the company‘s formation, Cole said, “Before Noon has been designed as a full-service audio post company ‘giving clients more bang for the buck.‘ Our staff is expansive, as we have extensive and strategic relationships with a team of self-motivated, experienced professionals assembled from throughout Hollywood‘s audio community.”

He adds, “Our independent approach means that our clients will get a dedicated mixer with proven talent and loads of experience, who will keep each project on track, so our clients won‘t have to sweat the small stuff. We can send a client a first mix pass digitally anywhere they are, anytime of day or night, via one of the most advanced Internet delivery systems available. We pride ourselves on the ability to make revisions quickly, and we also anticipate that many of our clients will wish to do their final tweaks in person.”


Peter Cole is a 30-year veteran of the audio post industry in Hollywood. He is the winner of three Emmy Awards, either for “Best Film Sound Editing” or “Best Film Sound Mixing,” for his work on the acclaimed “Pee Wee‘s Playhouse” television series. Prior to launching Before Noon, Cole had worked for such major audio post production companies as Skywalker Sound, Post Logic, The Post Group, and his own Pirate Post.

Regarding his unique style of approaching a project, Cole says, “I am fortunate in that my clients trust my judgment and experience to create the best possible end product for them. I‘ve assembled the best possible tools, and my clients have come to realize that I can provide efficient alternatives to the traditional approach to post sound.”

During the course of his career, Cole has worked on hundreds of television programs, studio and independent feature films, special venue presentations, corporate projects, and more. He has contributed audio post to such TV shows as “Futurama,” “The Simpsons,” “The P.J.‘s,” “Northern Exposure,” ”Behind the Music,” the animated “Hellboy,” “Kid Notorious,” and “Maxx Headroom,” to cite just some.

His film work includes credits on a variety of studio and indie films, including titles such as “Barnyard,” “King Leopold‘s Ghost,” “Ellie Parker,” “Father G and the Homeboys,” and the Oscar winning documentary film “The Panama Deception.”

Among Cole‘s other honors include several Monitor and Golden Reel Awards. Beside his three Emmy Award wins, he was also Emmy Award nominated an additional five times. He is a member of IATSE Local 700 and has been profiled several times in POST Magazine.


Launched in 2008 by multi-Emmy Award winning audio specialist Peter Cole, Before Noon Post Production Sound Services, Inc., is a full service audio post production company with clients from all areas of the entertainment industry as well as from across the corporate spectrum.

Before Noon is headquartered at 4206 Alcove Ave., Studio City, CA 91604. The phone is 818/ 641-1070 and the website is