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EASTWEST (, the industry leader in soundware development and distribution, is putting its users‘ creativity to the test while offering a chance to win all seven PLAY products with its “Score This Movie” contest.

From now until June 30, 2008 users can create their own score for an original short movie created by Zennor Alexander and posted on the EASTWEST forum at ( The concept of the piece is:

“This is a story about the circularity of life – Out of the void comes a seed which sprouts into a plant. The leaves of the plant mature which ends the growth phase. As the leaves fly off in all directions, we follow one on its journey into the unknown. The leaf meets another and the two fly around in a mating dance, eventually merging. The merged leaves become mature wings, and fly off through this new world to find the original void from which they came. The wings finally dissolve and compact to become a new seed, completing the cycle.”

The score should have a wide variety of pace, mood and style and must be composed solely with sounds from libraries distributed by EASTWEST, with an emphasis on EASTWEST PLAY-powered virtual instruments.

Entrants are free to show their creativity and originality in the selection of instruments and the juxtaposition of their composition with the film‘s imagery. Once users have completed their piece, they need to post a link to it on the EASTWEST forum here ( for it to be considered. Compositions entered in previous EASTWEST contests, posted on EASTWEST forums, or containing third party copyrighted material or software, are not eligible. From entries posted on the forum, Zennor Alexander and the EASTWEST staff will select a winner.

“EASTWEST is always striving to develop innovative projects to challenge our users,” says EASTWEST‘s Founder and Producer Doug Rogers. “Last year‘s contest was so successful that we decided to stay with a similar format this year to gauge the usage of our PLAY products. We also feel that this contest gives our users the opportunity to showcase their work using a visual medium, something they would be required to do for any film, game or television production, in return for the chance to be well rewarded for their efforts.”

The winner, who will be announced on July 15th, 2008, will receive all seven PLAY products which include:

Fab Four – A virtual instrument inspired by the sounds of the Beatles, using the same kind of instruments and recording equipment the Beatles used to create their signature sound.

Quantum Leap Pianos – The most detailed collection of the world’s finest grand pianos.

Quantum Leap Gypsy – A collection of detailed Gypsy-style virtual instruments capable of playing completely realistic performances.

Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock – Rock is a huge collection of rock drums, basses and guitars recorded in the world-famous EASTWEST. A modern-day rock toolkit that covers a myriad of styles, Ministry of Rock provides a true all-in-one solution for rock productions and a sound quality superior to anything else available.

Quantum Leap Voices of Passion – Passion is a virtual instrument of ethereal, passionate, flowing, mysterious, wailing and whispering alto and soprano voices of female vocalists from Wales, Syria, India, Bulgaria and America.

Quantum Leap SD2 – The Next Generation – The sequel to Stormdrum, SD2 is a stunning collection of exceptional acoustic percussion instruments.

Quantum Leap Goliath – Quantum Leap Goliath, the Sequel to Colossus, includes the entire 32 Gigabytes of content from COLOSSUS, plus an additional 8 Gigabytes of new content from the latest collections. Goliath covers all musical genres, providing users with a comprehensive collection of sounds that will fit into any type of project they are working on.

For additional rules and download instructions, please visit the contest forum on the EASTWEST website: