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San Diego, CA – December 2008… Equator Audio Research, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of highly accurate studio reference monitors for mission critical recording applications, and, an international leader in Internet music services for independent musicians, are pleased to announce an agreement to provide a free premium membership (a $240 value) to everyone who purchases a pair of Equator Q8 studio reference monitors.

Roy Elkins, founder of, and Ted Keffalo, President of Equator Audio Research, have been friends and industry associates for more than 20 years. Elkins, whose background encompasses tenures with musical electronics manufacturer Ensoniq and leading software developer Sonic Foundry, founded with the expressed interest in developing a wide range of services that enable musicians to collaborate and gain exposure for their efforts. Keffalo, whose history—prior to his current leadership role at Equator Audio Research— included key positions with musical equipment manufacturers Alesis and Event Electronics, has traditionally been at the cutting edge of technological development for music and sound production. Together, these two industry leaders provide some of the best tools for today’s creative musicians and sound professionals.

The free 1 year premium Broadjam membership includes:

• The ability to market and sell music downloads
• Web hosting of a personal site
• Access to film, TV, advertising, and video game music opportunity submissions
• The ability to build and manage a fan list and social network
• The opportunity to network and interact with members in over 190 countries

“Over the years, I’ve watched Roy gravitate from hardware through the software world and move ever closer to the real source of our industry’s energy—the artist,� commented Keffalo. “I’m extremely pleased to be able to offer Broadjam’s services to the Equator Q8 customer.�

“Ted’s been in the monitor business for many years,� notes Elkins. “I recognized that Equator monitors address issues that have long existed, but have largely gone unchecked. Many of our artists produce their work in less than perfect recording conditions. With the Q8’s accuracy and digital abilities, I see them as an excellent tool for better production. Armed with a Broadjam membership, Equator Audio Q8 customers have an immediate outlet for networking and marketing their creative efforts.�

The Equator Audio Q8’s Digitally-Controlled Transducers™, phase and time accurate Zero-Point Reference™ co-axial design, internally matched speakers, and their ability to compensate for room conditions as well as Secondary Reflection Correction eliminates existing sonic obstacles and enables the producer to trust the accuracy of the mix.

About is an international web community dedicated to independent musicians and their friends. It’s a place to find new independent music, join a music social network, and collaborate with other indie artists and fans. Broadjam members can enter song and music contests, submit songs for TV and Film opportunities, and host their web site and music while distributing to other online channels. Broadjam has over 90,000 artists in 190 countries. Visit them online at

About Equator Audio Research
Equator Audio Research is committed to delivering studio reference monitor solutions that overcome the myriad of challenges faced in today’s audio production. Whether the challenge is on the production line or in the studio control room, Equator is dedicated to identifying and addressing it. Our products are used daily in mission-critical applications at many of the world’s finest recording studios. For additional information on the Q8 and all Equator Audio products, visit the company online at


Photo caption: Equator Audio’s Ted Keffalo and’s Roy Elkins