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** Photo: Jess Klein **
Austin, TX – May 2014… With a background that encompasses residency in New York, Kingston, Jamaica, Boston, MA, and Austin, TX, singer / songwriter / guitarist Jess Klein is a well-known artist who has performed at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival as well as on ABC’s popular morning TV show Good Morning America. With a musical style that reflects a combination of Americana, Rock ‘n Roll, plus Blues and Folk, her influences range from Howlin’ Wolf to Motown to Springsteen to Joni Mitchell. She has recorded seven solo albums and sung harmonies on numerous other artists’ albums. Klein is about to release a new CD titled Learning Faith on the Motherlode (USA) and Blue Rose (Europe) labels and the entire project was both mixed and mastered using D8 studio reference monitors from San Diego, CA-based Equator Audio.

As it turns out, Klein entered Equator Audio’s Facebook contest to win a pair of the company’s monitors. She commented on how this all came about. “My producer and manager, Mark ‘Professor Feathers’ Addison of The Farmhouse Agency, Austin, TX, called me in September 2013 and told me about the contest. He thought the D8’s could be perfect for my voice and style of music, so I entered. I was thrilled when I got an email from Equator in December saying I’d won! Since that time, I’ve used them to both mix and master my new CD, which is scheduled for release in late June.”

In the recording studio, one’s monitor speakers are among the most critical components throughout the recording process. Studio monitor accuracy is essential, as this is one of the key indicators of how good—or bad—one’s mix is progressing. Klein reflected on her experience with the Equator Audio D8’s. “The stereo imaging and sound quality of the D8’s are spot-on,” Klein says. “I can hear elements of the mix that have never been apparent on other speaker systems and there’s a profound depth to the soundstage that I haven’t heard before.”

Klein elaborated on her assessment of the D8 monitors, “As a female vocalist with a wide dynamic range, the sound and placement of my voice has always been the most important—and most challenging—element for me to hear clearly in a mix. With the D8s, we’ve been able to hear every detail of the upper mids, which made me feel confident that the vocals would translate well to other playback systems. Also, I like a powerful low end and Learning Faith, in particular, is a very groove-oriented album, so the bass was really important to us. The D8’s have excellent low end response, which made it easy to get the mixes punchy without being boomy.”

In the six months that Klein has been working with her new Equator D8’s, she reports that while she hasn’t required any technical support, the company has been extremely supportive of her efforts. “The D8’s have been absolutely trouble free,” she says, “so I haven’t needed any technical support from the company. What I can tell you about Equator Audio, however, is that corresponding with Ted Keffalo has been a delight. The fact that he’s a musician / songwriter reinforces my faith that the Equator philosophy comes from a really good and knowledgeable source.”

With her new CD on the verge of release—June 24th (USA) and June 27th (Europe)—Klein is now in the final stages of preparation, which includes a series of concert dates in support of her new album. Before turning her attention back to the business of promoting Learning Faith, she offered these parting thoughts on her experience with the Equator Audio D8 monitors. “I’ve never been so proud of an album I’ve made, and I think a lot of that comes from the fact that everything sounded so clear on the Equator monitors,” she said. “With my Equator monitors, I had confidence every step of the way that what I was hearing was accurate. I’m already looking forward to recording my next project with the D8’s!”

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