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Equator D5 Aids Pacific Beat to #1 Hit

Churchyard and Sanderson’s hit collaboration

San Diego, CA…August 2016.   It takes a finely tuned combination of elements to deliver a hit album.  It certainly starts with the artist but for the artists’ story to be successfully told discerning ears and detailed tools are required.  For Japanese Pop Artist Himuro Kyosuke, those discerning ears were provided by Steve Churchyard and Alan Sanderson and an important tool used was the Equator D5 Studio Monitors.

Alan Sanderson opened Pacific Beat Recording in February 2014.  “I wanted to bring a World Class Studio to a beautiful place like San Diego and this location was perfect.”  Pacific Beat is nestled blocks from the water in the beach community of Pacific Beach, a northern suburb of San Diego.  

Alan met Steve Churchyard at Ocean Way Studio in the 90’s and they’ve collaborated on many projects since.  Churchyard’s credits read like the industries best of  list …  from The Eagles and Pretenders to Keith Urban, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, Steve Churchyard has proven he has a golden touch.  Alan was quick to note “Steve Churchyard is one of the greats and having him come in here for sessions at Pacific Beat is an honor and pleasure.”

The album L’Epilogue stood at the top of the Japanese charts for much of April and stayed in the top 20 for most of the spring.   Churchyard recorded the album at Sunset Sound, in Hollywood, with some additional tracking done at his home studio in LA.

“We were going for a big high fidelity sound; there were a lot of tracks. Many intricate details needed to be addressed during the mixing and editing.”  Churchyard commented. 

Over a 2 month period, 100% of the mix was done at Pacific Beat by Sanderson and Churchyard exclusively on the Equator D5s. 

Sanderson concluded with: “Mixing records is a game of inches and having the right monitors is imperative to achieving success.  Sixty percent of what makes a great studio is the speakers, the Equator D5s and D8s deliver on all fronts.”

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