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Equator Offers D5 Memorial Package Deal

Memorial D5 Package Special $449

Memorial Special: D5s with Carrying Case, Isolation Pads, Quality Audio Cables and Free (US) Shipping for $449

San Diego, California, United States, May 2016… Equator Audio Research recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of highly accurate studio reference monitors for mission critical recording applications is now shipping a New and Improved version of their D5 studio monitor.  The D5 Studio Monitor, originally introduced in 2012, has received tremendous acceptance in the pro recording/mixing world.  What makes the D5 standout is its incredible ability to reveal the finest mid-range detail.  Clicks, pops or other anomalies are instantly uncovered. After its initial launch the D5 quickly became the go to monitor for video and film editing as well as music producing.  The unique coaxial design and internal DSP were developed to provide an undistorted mid-range response.  The phase and time coherent coaxial transducer combined with the DSP matching and voicing processes provide perfectly solid image translation.  The center mounted 1″ silk tweeter allows for phase accuracy throughout the crossover range, reducing mid-range distortions.  The proprietary D Series real-time voicing attributes allowed award winning recording and mastering engineers to take part in the critical final voicing process.  Those same engineers lent their ears to the new version.  One accepted fact is that throughout the mid-range the D5 delivers very accurate monitoring.

The New & Improved D5 represents a series of revisions while maintaining its initial design goals. 

The improvements include:

  • The port system has been redesigned to reduce chuffing and low-frequency distortion as well as improved serviceability
  • The front fascia has been redesigned. The back has a new sealing process to prevent air leakage. The external edges of the front port/fascia have a more gradual radius. The internal port has been rerouted
  • The HF/LF transducer has been redesigned making it more sensitive and more efficient
  • The gap between the tweeter and the woofer has been tightened to reduce air leakage, which reduces low-frequency distortion and air turbulence

It is very safe to say that the New D5 is a D5 with improvements. 

To celebrate the Memorial Weekend, Equator Audio is offering a limited time promotion:  A pair of D5s with Free US freight, Free carrying case, Free Isolation Pads, and Free high quality 2m audio cables for $449

About Equator Audio

Equator Audio is committed to delivering studio reference monitor solutions that overcome the myriad of challenges faced in today’s audio production. Whether the challenge is on the production line or in the studio control room, Equator is dedicated to identifying and addressing it. Our products are used daily in mission-critical applications at many of the world’s finest recording studios. For additional information on all Equator Audio products, visit the company online at