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Donation Supports Local Youth Community

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, August 20, 2009 — The Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) in Minneapolis is proud to announce that Euphonix, a world leader in large-format digital audio consoles, media controllers, and peripherals for over 20 years, has donated one of its MC Mix media controllers to Ideawerks®, IPR’s unique multimedia arts after-school program in the Minneapolis Park System. The program, which runs 12 weeks in the summer and 10 weeks recurrently during the school year, which at no cost to parents addresses current economic concerns, provides participants with the creative platform and tools that are vital to creating multimedia audio and visual projects from conception to completion.

“To us, education means that students should have hands-on access to the tools that they will come face-to-face with after graduating and entering into the audio industry,� says Euphonix U.S. Retail Sales Executive

Luke Smith. “Ideawerks is not only teaching kids how the music business was once dominated by analog audio, but also about all of the current trends in digital technology as well. IPR and Ideawerks are embracing both worlds, analog and digital, and that’s what we think most schools should be doing.�

Euphonix donation to Ideawerks will expose students to all three industry standard control protocols—Mackie, HUI and EuCon. This will allow the kids to become comfortable with each control surface and not become overwhelmed by them when they are asked to use the protocols in the professional world. “Whether or not the students use our control surface down the road, they’ll be familiar with the protocols that all control surfaces use for audio applications,� continues Smith. “Even if you’re using one of our competitors’ pieces, they’ll still have a general idea of how the protocol integrates with the software instilled in their minds.�

“We would like to thank Euphonix for stepping forward and taking interest in the Ideawerks program,� says IPR Executive Director of Music Industries Andre Fischer. “With the current state of the economy, many companies are cutting back on crucial educational donations and support. It’s nice to see that Euphonix still recognizes the importance of getting the right tools into the hands of today’s students to prepare them for their future in the pro audio industry.�

Lance Sabin, executive vice president and cofounder of IPR adds, “It’s refreshing to see a high-profile company such as Euphonix take interest in educating tomorrow’s creative leaders by graciously donating MC Mix media controllers. We are certain that the kids will learn a great deal from the MC Mix and we greatly appreciate the contribution.�

To date Euphonix is the only company that currently allows the user to switch between two different applications. Its control surface is application-aware, which means it detects what application the user is currently working in and automatically loads that application’s data. “The kids could be working in Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools at the same time,� explains Smith. “We’re on the cutting edge of the control surface world and we want to make sure the kids know about it. They’ll also be able to use our software with all of the leading DAW softwares out there in addition to using it with Final Cut Pro. This is most beneficial to them as they’ll be exposed to all of the different programs including Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Digital Performer, Nuendo and Cubase.�

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