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EV at the Live Indie Rock Wars!


EV was everywhere at the first annual Live Indie Rock Wars, billed as “The Three Day Live Event That Will Change Rock Music History�, held at Lake Las Vegas on April 25-27, 2008.
Bosch Communications Systems pro audio brands Electro-Voice and Dynacord co-sponsored the event, which showcased the top 21 bands from this competition. These up-and-coming bands were all in the running for the $50,000 grand prize and two year management deal. The winners of the event “The Underground Rebels� also won a complete EV mic package.

Bosch Communications Systems pro audio rep Buck Tallman was on site to support the show: “This is what it’s all about! A live, full-bore rock n roll war! We were there to provide hands-on support and meet the bands—we’re committed to supporting new talent, and that fact was heard loud and clear over the course of the competition, with EV mics all across the stage and an array of EV, Dynacord, and Midas PA equipment (provided by FBP Group of Las Vegas) ensuring every band sounded its best on the big day. It was an awesome event, all bands sounded great, and we were very proud to be a part of it.�

Equipment List:
EV N/D967 vocal mics
EV N/D767a vocal mics
EV Raven instrument mics
EV Cardinal instrument mics
EV N/D478 instrument mics
EV RE200 condenser mics
EV N/D868 kick drum mics
EV N/D468 drum mics
EV SxA250 stage monitors
EV P3000RL amplifiers

Dynacord Cobra-4 main PA

Midas Verona (FOH), Midas Siena (Monitors)
Klark Teknik Square One Graphics & Dynamics; DN370 EQs

Check out “Live Indie Rock Wars� on YouTube!

Photos: Geoffrey Hammond