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EV XLE Greets Olympic Torch in London


UK PA company Blueboxx Creative premiered its new Electro-Voice XLE super-compact line array system in the open-air theatre of London‘s Trafalgar Square at a public ceremony to mark the passage of the Olympic Flame through London.

The bearer of the Olympic torch arrived in London‘s most famous Square and ran down the steps to the foot of Nelson‘s Column, where a stage had been erected for live performers and PA playback of the ceremonial trumpets providing the fanfare for the occasion.

Weather conditions were not optimal for Blueboxx‘s city center debut, with freezing temperatures bringing a light dusting of snow onto their new XLE cabinets. This new company has made a major investment in EV; their speaker inventory includes XLE arrayable enclosures, Xsubs, Xi-1152s, and ZX5 models, with lightweight power and performance from Tour Grade amplifiers.

Based in St Albans, Blueboxx Creative was founded by Domonic Martin and David Glover in 2004, and has handled high-profile events such as the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival and the opening event ‘Out Of The Blue‘ at the O2 Arena. They both share an extensive theatre background plus a wealth of experience working with live bands. With Blueboxx expanding quickly thanks to excellent industry connections, Martin and Glover took the decision to invest in a branded system.

“Initially we weren‘t thinking line array, as we envisaged a mid-market, ground-stacking system,” explains Dominic Martin. “However, the flexibility of the XLE system, which we demoed at Shuttlesound, was very persuasive. We could ground-stack, put it on poles, or fly it; in ground-stack mode, it‘s adjustable from 0-10 degrees, and, when flown, it can be expanded up to 16 boxes per side. We did want a prestigious marque, a name that our clients would recognize, but we also wanted it to be economically viable. XLE fitted nicely into our budget and also into the budgets of the jobs we wanted to do, and it has the influential Electro-Voice badge.”

Blueboxx has future-proofed its system with the IRIS-Net control and supervision software suite running the Tour Grade amplifiers; added functionality includes remote control and monitoring of the amps, and the ability to set up the system off -site.

“The system is rugged and ideal for use on outdoor events,” says Dominic Martin, who will be back in Trafalgar Square with the EV XLE system for the St George‘s Day celebrations. “The quality of support and back-up that we‘ve received from Shuttlesound has proved as important as the performance of the enclosures.”