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The Most Innovative Web-Based Music Sequencer on the Net

Ever dream of making music that rocks the clubs and tops the charts? Wish you could personalize your MySpace or cell-phone ringtone with a song you created, or rock out in your car to your own tunes? Now you can, with Soundation Studio, a web-based music sequencer that allows you to mix and match hundreds of loops and samples to create original beats without ever downloading or installing any software! Visit, access all the tools you need to make killer tracks, and tap into your inner musician.

If you can use a mouse, you can make music with Soundation Studio. Drag and drop PowerFX’s acclaimed audio loops into the sequencer, draw synth lines using supplied virtual synths, and tweak an array of real-time effects to your heart’s content. Easy to use for

the novice, but powerful enough for a pro, Soundation Studio guarantees you’ll be making sick beats in no time. Mix, match and layer drum, bass, synth, and other instrumental loops into the sequencer, and let the party begin! Perfect for making hip-hop beats, electronica, reggaeton, fusion or any other genre of sample/loop based music, Soundation Studio truly is the most innovative music-sequencer on the net.
With samples organized by category and BPM, you’ll have no shortage of options to make explosive tracks you can rock out to with your friends. Still not enough sounds for you!? There is an integrated Sound Shop where you can purchase Sound Sets, loop packs that are optimized for use in Soundation Studio. Purchase any Sound Set and it is saved and stored on your user account to use in Soundation Studio, as well as download to your desktop for use in other music making software. Each Sound Set contains between 20-30 loops and you can audition each loop in the Set before purchase.The Sound Sets are $4.99 each.
Also, there are an array of powerful but easy to use tools like virtual instruments (3 synths, a Drum Machine and a White Noise Generator) and 11 real time effects that allow you to compose and manipulate your own loops and sounds so you’ll never run out of music making possibilities. Did we mention you can access your work from anywhere, anytime?

Whether you’re a bedroom DJ or a professional producer, Soundation Studio puts you in the driver seat with intuitive, easy-to-use and dynamic features allowing for track automation, volume and pan controls, adjustable BPM, loop editing, master channel controls, individual track mute/solo and more! Put Soundation Studio into fullscreen mode, and you’ll feel like you’re working in your very own music production studio; except this studio goes with you anywhere you have access to the world wide web. Gnarly!

Options to “mixdown� or “publish� allow you to burn your creations to a CD, use them as a ring-tone, or publish them online. Just get over to and start kicking of the jams!