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“Extending Your Music Career” at Winter NAMM TEC Tracks

Featured at this year’s Winter NAMM TEC Tracks is “Extending Your Music Career” at the Anaheim Hilton adjacent to the Convention Center. 

“Extending Your Music Career”

Saturday, January 26, Noon to 12:50 pm
Hilton California Ballroom B (Level 2)

Join legendary producer/engineer Jack Douglas as he leads a lively discussion about making the most of your musical career, from properly archiving your lifetime assets to future-proofing your catalogue and making it securely available for revenue rich income streams, such as film and TV. Music professionals can plan on a long career in music by taking advantage of good practices, innovative thinking and new tools that open the doors of possibility. This forward-thinking panel explores how to create longevity and continued demand for valued musical skills and talents.

Moderator: Jack Douglas, Producer/Recording Engineer


 Suzanne Ciani, Diva of the Diode

 Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Recording Artist, Producer, Engineer

 Lenise Bent, Producer/Engineer

 Dan Johnson, Head of Archiving, United Recording

 Drew Waters, Vice President, VEVA Sound Los Angeles 

TEC Tracks offers 70-plus free sessions for sound, studio and stage professionals. These big-picture sessions feature industry thought leaders presenting innovative ideas in recording, live sound, event technology and music business.