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Fabrice “Fabulous Fab” Dupont Counts on IsoAcoustics for his NYC Flux Studios

“IsoAcoustics' stands really make a difference for monitors -- and for subs, too. It’s amazing that something so basically simple in spirit would actually have such a dramatic effect”

New York, NY (August 11, 2015) — Even the performance of a great monitor speaker can be improved when it is supported by IsoAcoustics’ patented acoustic isolation stands, as GRAMMY-nominated producer, mastering engineer, mixer and musician Fabrice “Fabulous Fab” Dupont knows. A longtime IsoAcoustics user, Fab installed a pair of custom-configured IsoAcoustics Modular Aluminum Series stands at his Flux Studios facility under a pair of Focal SM9 reference monitors and found that they brought additional clarity to the speakers.

Dupont knows that anything that gets in the way of producing great music under the pressure of looming deadlines can become a huge problem—and he comments that the IsoAcoustics stands help overcome some of those challenges.

“The IsoAcoustics stands are what I call ‘unclouders’—they solidify things,” says Fab. “With these stands I don’t ask myself questions about where the low-mid frequencies are, because they make everything cleaner down there. All of these things are incremental ways for us to get our jobs done better.” He consulted with Focal to help develop the manufacturer’s innovative SM9 reference monitor, which he describes as “my favorite speaker in the world by far.”

In the Dangerous live tracking room, a pair of Focal SM8 monitors are mounted on IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200 adjustable decoupling speaker stands. “The Iso stands sound great and make the monitors look like they are floating above the console,” says Fab.

Dupont first encountered IsoAcoustics stands at a Sweetwater GearFest, where Simon Cote, pro audio sales manager for Audio Plus Services, Focal’s North American distributor, suggested that he check them out.

“When I first listened to the IsoAcoustics stands, I really liked what they were doing for the low mids,” he recalls. “Since the low mids are what we spend many, many, many hours of every mix on, I thought they were very interesting. I was using other products before—foam-based stuff—but I was not enthralled. But these IsoAcoustics stands really make a difference for monitors and for subs, too. It’s amazing that something so basically simple in spirit would actually have such a dramatic effect when it’s well executed.”

Born in Canada and raised in France, Dupont‘s long list of credits include work with Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Santogold, Mark Ronson, Bon Jovi, Marc Anthony, Sean Lennon and many others. Dupont has been nominated for Grammy Awards three times, for his work with Toots and the Maytals and Kirk Whalum. Earlier this year, French/Finnish duo The Dø won Les Victoires de la Musique—the Francophone equivalent of the Grammy Awards—in the category of Rock Album of the Year for Shake Shook Shaken, which Dupont mixed and mastered.

Fab’s current projects include a new album by French jazz singer Cyrille Aimée. “It’s one of the best sounding things I’ve ever done; really wonderful,” he says. “I’m also finishing the new Will Knox record, I’m doing a bunch of stuff for Universal Audio and I’m working with Sophie B. Hawkins.” Dupont recently finished mixing the latest album by Colombian jazz, pop and swing band Monsieur Periné, which is already in the iTunes Top 5 in their home country, he reports. “I just mastered a record for a French artist called Jeanne Added; it’s a fantastic record. And I’m working on two French bands, Colt Silvers and Éléphant.

In addition to consulting with pro audio manufacturers such as Avid, Dangerous Music, Focal, Lauten Audio, Universal Audio and others, Dupont is also an educator. He is also a founding partner of, an online repository of instructional videos on all aspects of the record-making process. 

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