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Factory Studios Steps Up Its Award-Winning Ways with Two SSL AWS Consoles

“With the AWS we were able to streamline the signal path of our rooms by eliminating the need for outboard preamps and dynamics”

LONDONFactory Studios, the award-winning audio facility specialising in audio recording for advertising, television, radio, digital media and music, has stepped up Studios 1 and 2 with a new Solid State Logic AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller in each room. The consoles were chosen to streamline workflow by replacing existing DAW controller/plugin/outboard gear with state-of-the-art audio quality, an industry standard user interface and integrated DAW control.

“While we successfully used dedicated DAW controllers for many years, we realised that our workflow could be optimised, which led us to the AWS 948,” says Ben Firth, sound engineer and technical support manager for Factory Studios. “With the AWS 948, we were able to streamline the signal path of our rooms by eliminating the need for outboard preamps and dynamics. While the old workflow model gave us a great sound when researching replacements, we felt definite improvements could be made to assist with project-based management across the facility. Additionally, the AWS 948 has an integrated DAW controller that allows us to have all of the DAW control functionality that we are used to.”

The updated studios at Factory Studios are set up with live rooms for recording music, dialogue and sound design for projects ranging from TV and radio commercials to music and cinema releases. Studio 1 and 2 both capture to a Pro Tools® DAW system that is controlled by the AWS 948 console. Additionally, Factory’s Studio 3, which is a Dolby Approved Cinema Suite, runs SSL Duende Native plugins for sonic consistency across the facility.

“With the AWS 948, we have gained the world famous SSL SuperAnalogue™ mic pre’s, channel EQ, the bus compressor and several channels of SSL dynamics all in one package,” explains Firth. “Consequently, the ability to use these items on our productions has made a significant difference in speeding up the workflow and getting that classic SSL sound dynamic. In the past, we had to search for the right sound. With the AWS, the right sound is there from the start, so we only need to spend more time concentrating on the sound design and mix.”

Recent award-winning projects from Factory Studios include the Honda Hands commercial for Channel 4 Idents, which won a Silver Medal for Sound Design at the London International Awards 2013 and Outstanding Sound in a commercial at this year’s Hollywood Post Awards. The Camelot National Lottery’s Heroes Return commercial was recognised for Best Sound Design in TV Advertising at the MAS International Awards. Heroes Return and the company’s Guinness Cloud and Nike My Time Is Now videos were each Cannes Lion 2013 award winners.

“We put the AWS 948 consoles in place to ensure that we continue to produce award-winning output across the studios,” adds Firth.

Factory Studios is a division of Factory, which is also comprised of Texture, a creative production agency, and Siren, which specializes in bespoke music composition and production.

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