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In a move to bring together the post-production, broadcast and recording communities, Fairlight has launched a wide ranging social network comprising Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. In less than a month, Fairlight has built an online community of nearly 1,000 followers that connects with Fairlight and provides daily updates about the company’s ongoing activities.

Fairlight is committed to continually growing the content that its online community can access. This includes daily updates on articles, product updates, and reactions from users. The community will ultimately serve as a resource for users to connect in the most efficient way possible, finding commonality through their use of Fairlight systems.

A user can become a fan of Fairlight on Facebook by searching for “Fairlight.� Follow Fairlight on Twitter at “@FairlightAU.� Join the LinkedIn Group “Friends of Fairlight� and watch the latest video footage on YouTube at “Fairlight Audio.�

“Social networking and Web 2.0 technologies enable Fairlight to re-evaluate how we reach our customers. Ultimately, our users are part of a community that is forged on common values, shared ambitions, and a deep commitment to the creative process that we want to foster,� stated Fairlight CEO John Lancken.

Fairlight is asking all of its users to take a few minutes to find Fairlight on any or all of these networking sites to make sure they are connected.