Fashion French manicure steps IN 2012

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French the nail Nail popular highlights, many nail-control girls love, how to draw fashion classic yet elegant French manicure?Today, let wholesale mac makeup store elegant classic French manicure tutorial to share, like nail crush quickly learn it!
The first step: first nails clean up, manicure shape, do not fix it too sharp to avoid scratching themselves; then painted on a thin layer of milky white mac nail polish. Step 2: thumb, middle finger, ring finger and little finger painting on a white French. Step 3: Next black nail polish remove some put on paper with a brush to clean black nail polish followed by black nail polish point in the area of white French. Step 5: The last step, paste the following in the index finger of the black French transparent, and two rows of black diamond.
Dear friends, this French manicure has been completed, mac cosmetics outlet online will i continue to update the make-up tutorial tomorrow we can do not miss oh.