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a feeling content to slice to

The 16-year-old seat gets a feeling content to slice to the Huan one-sided love to the one-sided love seat mac makeup in night, but persistently makes an underground activity to have a hair to use and on the contrary accelerates emptiness and spirit to exhaust, finally seat to late bit to make decision:Is rising!Ting but walk postby:08bkyuchang insurance! -With heart and theory, the courage of small seat classmate isn’t big, the face is also not enough thick. So she destines to become’the Lang is afraid that the female ties up’literary reference inside of those are fierce female so-called of rising also is nothing but a Ting but walk insurance write a love letter just~~~ Speak of, the people’s customs in that time is still very simple of, the popular way of love letter also tends towards a conservative type, few emergence’so-and-so some, I love you till a good heart pain!’If this kind of call people chicken skin pimple drop a ground of, in no case will appear as well’Lao Tze had a liking for you and was my woman?’This kind of let people tiger Qu one earthquake of words. Seat toward this kind of polite good student of night start to write love letter come more simple, the full text is very short, only 12 words. ‘At 6:00 p.m., empress foot of a hill, come alone, talk personally.’ Cough, have to say, connecting a love letter can be also written into the message that is like so a police to act from inside to contact a secret password type by her, it is thus clear that seat to night really is naturally have a male check method, this rice of anticipate, and thus inferior style of writing, almost can imagine as well for several years after seat the appearance that public prosecutor pain and sufferings writes self-criticism. But in that time, this only 20 love letters of words are really her for taking infinite pains of two weekses it make.The in the interval experiences of ideological Mac Mascara struggle, the antinomy sport, critique and ego criticize, bear comparison with a game with careful logic.