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Fishman Fluence Pickups Quickly Gaining Artist Acceptance

Since the introduction of Fluence multi-voice pickups, leading artists have been quick to accept the tone and features of this groundbreaking technology from Fishman.

Andover, MA – Since the Winter, 2014 launch of Fluence Multi-Voice pickups for electric guitar, artists have been quick to embrace the tone and features of this newest technology from Fishman.

Among the artists who are choosing Fishman Fluence pickups are Stephen Carpenter of Deftones; Joel Stroetzel of Killswitch Engage; Ryan Mendez and Ryan Key of Yellowcard; Gary Hoey (pictured here); producer Andy Sneap, Mark Lewis, Jon Donais of Anthrax; Timo Somers of Blind Guardian; Lesse Lammert, Buz McGrath and Ken Susi of Unearth; Cameron Liddell and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria; Oli Herbert from All That Remains; and Pat O’Brien of Cannibal Corpse.

Joel Stroetzel of Killswitch Engage says, “The first show I played using the Fishman Fluence pickups there was a huge difference going in between distorted and clean sounds, with just having the ease of a push/pull. You get your loud, clear, rock, metal tone with the active sounds. And the passive sounds are killer for clean tone, nice and shimmery.”

Blues-rock guitarist and producer Gary Hoey adds, “My Fluence pickups sound amazing. I haven’t changed pickups in 30 years on my favorite Strats, but then I heard Fluence. Powerful, dynamic, and with dual voices for vintage and modern sounds, Fluence does it all for me and my tone.”

The Fluence product line has now grown to include 7-String Modern Humbuckers in three finishes, introduced in January at the Winter NAMM Show. New models, including three Artist Signature sets, HSS and HSH configurations, and more are to be released later this year.

Asked about the number of artists adopting Fluence so quickly, President Larry Fishman said, “Artists are looking for solutions that enable them to consistently sound their best. We’ve got something here that’s never been available for them before, and it solves problems that have plagued traditional pickup design for decades. Fluence is the kind of groundbreaking technology and innovation that people have come to expect from us. It’s good for players and another opportunity for our valued dealers.”

Direct to consumer activations include a new “Un-wind” online and print ad campaign that features artists Stephen Carpenter and Joel Stroetzel among others. In addition, the company has released numerous artist demo and interview videos, which are all available to link to and share on YouTube.

The company is also offering an exclusive “installation rebate” offer to select opt-in customers who purchase a full Fluence set and a rechargeable battery pack at retail.

For retailers several new programs will be launched, some of which include Fluence demo samples, in-store collateral, a center of influence program, and social media support. Additionally, Fishman will be hosting in-store events throughout the U.S. and Canada featuring guitar phenom Greg Koch.

Additional programs will be rolled out domestically and internationally with customized dealer partnerships also available to dealers who fully support the line. For more information on these programs and more, dealers should contact their Fishman sales representative @ 800-FISHMAN

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