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Fishman Launches Multifaceted Dealer Support Page

Andover, MA––Fishman Acoustic Amplification has launched a comprehensive Dealer Resources support page on its new website designed to provide its dealers with an unprecedented variety of in-depth product and branding information, a video channel, photos, and other compelling and useful sales tools.

Accessible via the Dealer Login section at the footer of the Fishman home page, the password-protected page is comprised of five informative and easy to use sections. Additionally, users can toggle back and forth between the Dealer Resources page and the rest of the Fishman website for even greater integration and usability.

The TRAINING section includes product modules in flash format with Fishman brand differentiation information, demographic specifics for target customers, key features and benefits for each product, technical specifications and follow-up quizzes to assist in learning. A more detailed Training Guide for all Fishman products in PDF format is also provided as a backup for

the modules.

In SUPPORT, a link to Fishman’s FTP site provides high-resolution photos, artwork and advertising components. Product documentation such as installation guides, cutout templates, wiring guides, and software downloads are also provided along with an additional Service & Support resource that organizes available sales tools.

LOGOS & BRANDING includes high-resolution Fishman brand and product logos in different formats for dealers to use in their print and online promotion.

One of the most innovative components, VIDEO, is comprised of two sections. One contains a link to Fishman’s YouTube page with long-format detailed product overviews and demos, as well as videos of artist performances, user demos, industry media coverage, and product reviews.

The Fishman Video Network section focuses on new product videos in a more concise and creative way with particular emphasis on keeping viewers actively engaged in the messaging. Especially useful is the fact that dealers can copy the embed code for these videos and easily add them to any location they choose on their own websites.

Finally, NEW PRODUCT SNEAK PEEK enables dealers to learn about a new product several months before its release with a detailed description, key features and benefits, specifications, photos and what artists are using it.

Asked about the new site, Director of Marketing and Artist Relations Chris DeMaria said, “The Dealer Support page is designed to provide the most comprehensive source of product information, sales support, training, and brand assets to enable our dealers to promote and sell Fishman products as effectively and successfully as possible.�

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