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Fishman Launches New Website

Andover, MA––A total redesign from the ground up, Fishman’s new website will go live early this year with an array of new features and media to provide a better user experience.

According to Tracy Hoeft, head of GURUZ Media in Clearwater, Florida, designer for the new site, is designed “so that viewers can find product as quickly as possible with a wider variety of content types such as video, social media like Twitter and Facebook, plus YouTube. It takes full advantage of what can be done online technically.

“We’re also expanding the Fishman Artist section,” Tracy continues, “with a better connection to each one and their social media sites so viewers can learn more about them and why they play Fishman.

“One of the more game-changing aspects of the site is the ‘Fishman-Equipped’ section that will feature all of the different instruments that use Fishman systems.

And it will provide Fishman’s OEM partners with the opportunity to have their new products and technologies featured. We’ve never seen anyone do this before.”

Asked about the new site, Fishman Director of Marketing Chris DeMaria said, “We’re happy to mark our 30th Anniversary year with a brand new website that will greatly improve our awareness with the consumer, dealers and OEM partners.”

For more information about Fishman, call 978.988.9199 or click to