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Fishman Loudbox Amplifiers Dominate Market

Andover, MA––According to MI SalesTrak, the first retail sales tracking program for the Musical Products Industry, Fishman’s Loudbox Performer, Loudbox 100 and Loudbox Mini are once gain top models in the acoustic guitar amplifier category.

In 2010, Fishman’s Loudbox Mini captured the #2 overall sales spot with over 29% sell through. This was accomplished in only four months of sales—from September through December.

Fishman remains a growing force in the segment, becoming the #3 overall acoustic guitar amplifier brand and, with the Loudbox Performer, the company continues to dominate the over $500 category commanding an incredible 32% market share.

Asked about these results, Fishman’s VP of Retail Sales Scott Lombardo said, “We’re thrilled with the continued success of our Loudbox line and enthusiastic about the consumer, dealer and distributor support of the new Loudbox Mini. This venture into a more competitive price point perfectly demonstrates Fishman’s commitment

to a combination of technology, value and quality. It is the first of many new products for today’s more demanding and educated working musicians, at a price that will keep the gig money in their pockets.�

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