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Fishman Ships Fluence® Greg Koch Signature Series Pickups

Fishman is shipping the Fluence Greg Koch “Gristle-Tone” Signature Series pickup set with the two unique voices the Telecaster icon had been searching for across multiple instruments.

Andover, MA––Fishman is shipping the highly acclaimed Fluence Greg Koch “Gristle-Tone” Signature Series pickup set.

The new Fluence pickups incorporate two unique voices that the world-renowned Telecaster icon had been searching for across multiple instruments, but are now available at the push of a button. The result of his special collaboration with Fishman has produced the perfect direct replacement pickups for Telecaster guitars in terms of tonal variations and versatility, from the open and airy chicken pickin’ White- Guard voice to the fat and punchy Black-Guard tones of the second voice.

Due to the unique nature of the Tele-style guitars, each Gristle-Tone set includes a full assembly that incorporates two pickups, Volume and Tone pots, and a ¼” output jack with USB input for the integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. The set also incudes a completely assembled, prewired, drop-in control plate with three-way switch and push-push voice selector button.

Says Greg, “For me the dream Multi-Voice scenario is to be able to instantly summon the perfect White-Guard and Black-Guard tones with flawless articulation and no hum. And that’s exactly what Fishman has done for me in my signature set. They’re the answer to my tonal dreams. They sound so good, it’s almost hard to believe.”

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