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The floral hand bag is definitely your first choice

Flower, fruit is portrayed in the spring and summer of this year the bag into many classic major suit handbag innovation, and LV is no exception, occasional launched flowers series handbags; this small hand bag, with abstract modeling deduce flower shape, like the swaying dress set, whether formal or casual dinner with holiday, the floral hand bag is definitely your first choice louis vuitton outlet.

In addition to gorgeous flower pattern, elegant flower modelling package as well as have some other flavor, Chanel spring series printed shopping bag is suitable for holiday. A stereoscopic flower design, large showy flowers is to attract the eye of good weapons, Valentino new handbag, using three-dimensional flowers decorated the entire package, color bold use of red, pink, green and purple of the large differences in color, the overall effect is not lost style, elegant and exotic louis vuitton outlet store.

But LV the elegant chose light orange, both have a color, is not too much exaggeration, nor national style is too heavy. And the orange looks very comfortable, warm, soft, as if there are some peaches taste, let a person cannot help imagine carrying it sun situation louis vuitton outlet online.