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Focal Unveils New Flagship Nearfield and Midfield Monitors: “Trio11 Be”

Anaheim, CA — NAMM — January 24, 2019 — At the 2019 Winter NAMM show, Focal Professional unveiled their new flagship audio monitors, the “Trio11 Be.” The new monitors feature a 5-inch midrange, a 10-inch subwoofer, and Focal’s signature pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Set for March 2019 availability, the Trio11 Be street price is $3,999 USD each. Focal is distributed in the US and Canada by Focal Naim America (formerly known as Audio Plus Services).

Focal Professional monitors are designed from the very first step in the R&D process to reproduce the sound signal in a natural and precise way. Year after year, Focal engineers continue to push the boundaries of innovation to provide sound professionals with increasingly high performance working tools. Today, the brand unveils Trio11 Be, a new benchmark in studio monitors that is 100% made in France and makes it possible to work in the nearfield and midfield.

More Power and Less Noise
In designing Trio11 Be, Focal wanted both more power and less noise. And Focal succeeded. In addition to new speaker drivers, a 5″ midrange and a 10″ subwoofer, the loudspeaker employs the brand’s very latest acoustic and electronic technologies, which reduce distortion even further. TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) technology surrounding the 5” driver offers more control and less distortion; NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) technology creates a stabilized magnetic flux, and optimized vents promote dynamic control and perfect bass definition. The high excursion gives the speaker driver even more linearity, and thanks to these technologies, Focal has managed to combine powerful amplifiers with high-efficiency and high-power handling speaker drivers while ensuring the absence of noise, the reproduction of the tiniest details and the precision of the stereo image.

A Highly Versatile Loudspeaker
Like Trio6 Be, Trio11 Be comprises a 3-way monitor and a 2-way monitor, which makes it possible to check the sound quality of the mix by using FOCUS mode – a Focal innovation – that is remote controlled and can be activated by pressing a foot pedal. Because of the Class G amplification used on the midrange and the subwoofer, Trio11 Be delivers a high SPL – 118 dB at 3.3 feet (1 meter) – and is extremely versatile when it comes to nearfield usage and installation configurations, as well as the midfield use. Versatile and powerful, this monitor responds perfectly to the needs of both modern music and the most exacting sound engineers, providing an extended bandwidth of 30 Hz-40 kHz.

Dynamics, Neutrality, and Precision
A Focal signature, the pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter was a natural fit for Trio11 Be, offering a perfectly linear frequency response and a detailed reproduction of the treble. Its exclusive profile guarantees optimum energy transfer from the coil to the dome making a high-efficiency tweeter capable of covering 5 octaves from 1000 to 40,000 Hz, while also promising wide sound dispersion. The 10″ subwoofer’s ‘W’ sandwich cone enables veritable optimization of the frequency response thanks to precise control of the rigidity, lightness, and damping. The balance between these three fundamental parameters is the basis of the monitor’s incredible sound neutrality.

A Rotating Baffle and Meticulous Finishes
The aluminum baffle incorporating the tweeter and woofer is adjustable through 360°, in 90° increments, so Trio11 Be can be used either vertically or horizontally. This function makes it possible to optimize the monitor’s performance based on its positioning in the room and the room acoustics.

Finally, the cabinet, developed and manufactured by Focal in its cabinetry workshop in Bourbon-Lancy in France, consists of two side panels and a body in MDF measuring between 13/16″ (21mm) and 1 3/16″ (30mm) thick: an indicator of the quality of each material chosen, combined with careful attention to the finishes. Trio11 Be has two side panels in a natural dark red burr-ash veneer and a black central body, for an aesthetic rendering that is also discreet and hardwearing.

Focal is distributed by Focal-Naim America (formerly Audio Plus Services) in the US and Canada, the Trio11 Be street price is $3,999 USD each, the new monitors are set for March 2019 availability.

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About Focal

For more than 35 years, Focal has been recognized as a leader on the global stage for its high fidelity products. This French company based in Saint-Étienne (Loire department) manufactures speaker drivers, home audio and multimedia loudspeakers, car audio systems, monitoring loudspeakers, and audiophile headphones. The company’s loudspeakers and technologies have become world-renowned references in the Hi-Fi industry. All Focal products are designed and developed in France: they benefit from 35 years of innovation in exclusive and patented acoustic technologies. The company has chosen to continue manufacturing products ‘Made in France’, where the quality and high standards of French workmanship place the brand above its competitors. A market leader in France, Focal exports more than 80% of its production, mainly to Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. In 2011, Focal merged with Naim Audio Limited, the leader of high-end electronics in the U.K. Vervent Audio Group, the resulting holding company, has a turnover of over €85 million.

About Focal Naim America
Focal Naim America (formerly Audio Plus Services) is a leading North American importer and distributor of premium consumer and professional electronics brands including Focal Professional, SPL of Germany, Lauten Audio, IsoAcoustics, Zaor Studio Furniture, Vicoustic, and EarSonics. Based in Montreal with U.S. shipping facilities in Champlain, NY, the company has sales personnel located throughout the United States and Canada to professionally service their active roster of more than 350 specialty A/V and Pro Audio dealers. The company specializes in products and services for the professional audio and performing musician markets, as well as the home theater and custom integration (CI) market – both residential and commercial – for North America.

For more information about Focal Naim America visit their website at or call (800) 663-9352.

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