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Football teams and contempt on your leaders Bayern football Dott 100% attendance in Europe

Hired seven contests this coming year, Bayern Munich courageous record of seven wins from the start. Dortmund defender plays is just not ideal, for now, only started in fourth place. But also for Germany great and bad stronger of these two teams this halloween season, reached their presence in the home 100%, an exciting new record in European football. Recently, the German media of all of the European clubs has above 50,000 locations, options for statistical data on hearing problems during the first weeks of the year, should the club's home games, the results of only two German club Bayern and Dott tickets per game are. Dott swapping the whole bath assortment of 80,645 people, 71,000 about the capacity belonging to the Allianz Arena.

Followed by the 2 main giants from the English Premier League: Arsenal and Manchester United. The middle house visit Arsenal 99.56%, 98.87% in the fourth Man utd. However, the derby attention, can reach Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid is absolutely not 100 per-cent attendance. Actual participation was merely 88.57 percent Madrid, while Barcelona will only be 75.59%. One good reason is jersey the stadium is simply too big, reached the total number of 80,162 registered real Madrid, Barca 98,787 seats.

Other statistics over the variety of European clubs have home game an average of, Dott can also be classified in the first issue of 80,645 people at full capacity. Together with Manchester United (75,553 per game), Barcelona put 74,670 persons in third place. Bayern stage reached by fewer restrictions establish their full participation, but 71,000 people came tied with Real Madrid in fourth place. In addition to that, the Bundesliga club Schalke Top 10 List 04, sixth and eighth spot 60,511 people in Hamburg (54,708 people) and tenth place Borussia (49,942 people). Top Shili there can be five Bundesliga, the dpi ought not to be underestimated.

Moreover, laptop computer also revealed other facts. Rovers club in Scotland because of its financial problems, and regret was the 3rd type of division, but his fans do not give up still doesn't abandon its home games three, Hampden Park Theravada number actually reached approximately 46,738 persons. The celts are basically 45,349 people, even though the city Sudi. Power Rangers fans include the club in those statistics from the 14th Position ought to be classified once the Bundesliga club Stuttgart (48,110 people).

Through the first listing of 30, the Bundesliga club takes 10 seats. Along with the foregoing, you can find 16 listed six Nuremberg (46,017 people), No. 17 (45800), Hanover, Frankfurt, No. 19 (45,063 people) and 28 Bremen (42100). This shows jersey view the German club in Europe, relatively speaking, medicine highest.