Free Stuff from Intelligent Devices!


Intelligent Devices - makers of such cross-platform plug-ins as MegaDelayMass - the 100 tap delay,Slip-N-Slide- the spectral interpolator andThe Marshall Time Modulator  - a classic effects processor, now in a convenient cross-platform plug-in size have a "FREE!" section of the Intelligent Devices website that offers up a free, new patch  bank for each of the plug-ins, a MAX/MSP patch that allows MAX (or the free MAX5 Runtime) users to "play" the delay time of MegaDelayMass from a USB or MIDI keyboard (exploiting the resonant abilities of 100 taps...) and further, Intelligent Devices would like you to know about their "Plug-in Scholarship...thing" where if you can convince us to GIVE you our plug-ins for FREE, they're yours!
So, stop by and see what's what at