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From Sampling to Scoring: Ali Shaheed Muhammad Shares Milestones of His Musical Journey in a New Video

Los Angeles, California, May 16, 2024—Legendary hip hop DJ, rapper, record producer and multi-instrumentalist Ali Shaheed Muhammad sits down in a new video with Amphion Speakers. The conversation not only recounts the milestones of Ali Shaheed’s career including his early beginnings, but offers insight into his journey to establish a successful music career. “Music was always playing in my home. I had access to my mother’s record collection,” Muhammad reminisces. “I would see my mom put the needle to the groove and that began my journey of doing the same thing. ​ I was really fascinated with the sounds coming out of speakers, looking at vinyl, looking at personnel, looking at the photographs and just trying to dive into the world of what was captured in that LP.”

His varied career includes A Tribe Called Quest, Lucy Pearl, The Midnight Hour and Jazz is Dead with Adrian Younge. The pairs most recent endeavor includes TV score composing for Marvel’s Luke CageReasonable Doubt and Raising Kanan to name a few. Once Ali Shaheed was introduced to Amphion’s Two18s he was not only able to achieve superior mixes quickly, but he fell in love with music again. “When you’re listening to music on a great sound system the relationship you have with the music is even deeper,” he continues. “You’re feeling the frequencies, you’re feeling the way that the artists really intended for you to feel the music.”

The video continues with short anecdotes for how Ali Shaheed leverages the Amphion speakers as a key component in his expression, but also how he aims to inspire future generations of storytellers.

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