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Solid State Logic is extremely pleased to announce the installation of thirteen AWS 900+ Analog Workstation Systems and thirteen XLogic X-Rack Modular Rack Systems at Full Sail Real World Education, one of the most prestigious and innovative colleges in the field of entertainment media. This is the largest single installation of AWS 900+ consoles and X-Racks in the world.

This unprecedented multiple installation clearly demonstrates both Solid State Logic‘s stature in the entertainment technology industries and Full Sail‘s commitment to equip and train its students with the tools they will employ throughout their careers in professional audio production.

Twelve of the 13 TEC Award-winning AWS 900+ consoles will be housed in Full Sail‘s Mix Palace, one of the college‘s premier facilities. The new AWS 900+ consoles will illustrate such fundamental elements and essential skills as advanced signal flow, mixing and automation, explains Bill Smith, director of Full Sail‘s Recording Arts Program.

“The AWS 900+ hit all of our objectives,” says Smith. “We looked at a lot of consoles and workstation controllers and found the AWS 900+ offers a functionality that we‘re looking for in a teaching tool. SSL EQ and dynamics are industry standards, and the more experience a young person has working with those, the better. The automation is also standard: people reference SSL automation everywhere, so being familiar with the SSL automation and Total Recall™ is a tremendous asset to our students.

“It‘s also an SSL,” Smith adds, “which means its ergonomics are the industry standard. One of the great things about SSL is that if you‘re familiar with one console, it‘s easy to adapt to another.”

“On top of that,” Smith continues, “we are able to teach students to interface the AWS 900+ with DAW platforms, because they are using it with the Pro Tools™|HD system. The interface capabilities between the AWS 900+ and Pro Tools are outstanding.”

Further demonstrating Full Sail‘s belief in SSL products, each of the 12 AWS 900+ equipped studios will also feature an XLogic X-Rack outfitted with eight Dynamics modules, which are based on the SSL XL 9000 K Series consoles‘ channel dynamics. “XLogic is aptly named,” comments Michael Reaves, Full Sail director of Session Recording. “It was the logical addition to give our students the benefit of working one-on-one with eight channels of SSL dynamics processing, which has a recognizable signature within the recording industry. I love the fact that the X-Racks can be integrated with the AWS 900+.”

The thirteenth AWS 900+ and X-Rack will be based in a classroom, enabling the teaching of comprehensive, advanced production techniques in a group setting. “In this way,” says Reaves, “we can demonstrate techniques and methods more dramatically. We can demonstrate anything we talk about, and use the AWS 900+ and X-Rack to illustrate answers to questions.”

“Full Sail Real World Education has made a powerful statement in equipping their students with 13 AWS 900+ consoles and X-Racks,” comments SSL senior vice president Don Wershba. “Full Sail‘s highly respected and knowledgeable instructors recognize the importance of immersing students in both the fundamentals of audio production and the tools they will encounter as professionals. This installation demonstrates Full Sail‘s belief that this is the best equipment with which to teach modern music production.”

With the scheduled January 2008 completion of the AWS 900+ and X-Rack installations, Full Sail will feature a total of 16 Solid State Logic consoles on campus: the new AWS 900+ Analog Workstation Systems join three of SSL‘s 9000 J Series consoles.

“I couldn‘t be more excited for our students,” Reaves summarizes. “The opportunity to have true one-on-one time with their own SSL AWS 900+ in their own studio in the Mix Palace is unprecedented–it just doesn‘t get any better than that! Full Sail and SSL have broken new ground and set new standards. I feel privileged to be a part of it.”

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