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Future Sonics Takes Center Stage During the Most Watched Television Program in U.S. History

Left to Right: Tom Pesa, Cam Beachley and Matt Hay. Simon Higgs (not pictured)

From the national anthem to the halftime show, Future Sonics’ clients delivered memorable performances at the 2010 Super Bowl

Bristol, Pennsylvania – (February 12, 2010) – Future Sonics, the world’s leading professional earphone designer and manufacturer is celebrating this year their 25th Anniversary of the Ear Monitors® brand. This milestone year began with FS contributing their unparalleled audio quality and award-winning products to the most watched television program in U.S. history. With Carrie Underwood kicking it off with the national anthem, Future Sonics’ clients were a fixture on the Super Bowl stage all night long. Future Sonics’ client, Roger Daltrey and The Who took the stage during halftime and delivered one of the most memorable Super Bowl performances to date.

The Super Bowl is one of the

most celebrated stages of all, and none of these performances would have been possible without the engineers behind the scenes. Simon Higgs, Monitor Engineer for The Who, states “The best audio I’ve heard comes from Future Sonics’ transducers – their sound is just fantastic. Not only in the professional atmosphere; Roger Daltrey and I both have sets for personal use.� Higgs goes on to say, “I can always count on their support which is unparalleled.�

ATK AudioTek provided audio systems with Tom Pesa, Pesa Sound, as Super Bowl Monitor Engineer. Tom, a long time FS supporter, is on his 12th year mixing monitors and coordinating stage audio performances on the field. “Future Sonics Ear Monitors® brand and Atrio® earphones are the final stage of my audio signal chain. They ensure I have the studio reference artists expect of how their music was recorded,� expressed Pesa.

Whether in show preparation or mixing live during the performances, Cam Beachley (ME for Carrie Underwood), Simon Higgs (ME for The Who), and Matt Hay (Live Recording Engineer for The Who) all use Future Sonics’ award winning Ear Monitors® brand and Atrios® universal earphones. Matt Hay commented, “Atrio® earphones in the studio, live tracking and playback are in one word… INCREDIBLE… for such a small design�

Marty Garcia, Founder and CEO of Future Sonics, is proud to have had a hand in the historical event. “I’m so proud that the Future Sonics brand has been a part of our pro audio history introducing the “personal monitoring� concept over 25 years ago and could be a part of the 2010 Super Bowl. Carrie Underwood with the opening, Robert Daltrey and The Who during halftime, and even our clients Marc Anthony and Jimmy Buffett and many others performed at pre game NFL owners and coaches’ parties,� said Garcia. “We thank all of these artists and industry professionals for their continued input and support furthering the “BIGGER SOUND @ lower level™� campaign. By understanding the value of the proprietary MG4+ transducer technology in our Ear Monitors® brand of products, these artists provide a wealth of knowledge to all of us here at Future Sonics.�

With the largest television audience in history, the 2010 Super Bowl put Future Sonics and their clients on center stage for everyone to see. With the help of Future Sonics products, hard work and preparation, these artists and engineers delivered amazing performances for an audience of over 106 million. Future Sonics congratulates all their clients for their accomplishments surrounding the 2010 Super Bowl.

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About Future Sonics:
Future Sonics is the award-winning original innovator of professional custom and universal fit earphones for personal monitoring for major tours, venues, artists, engineers, broadcasting and houses of worship worldwide. Their dedication to the finest audio quality, reliability and personal service continue to serve the industry’s professionals with their Ear Monitors® brand, Atrioâ„¢ Series, SofterWearâ„¢ professional products, OEM product development and production consulting as they have since 1985. Future Sonics personal monitors are recognized by H.E.A.R.® as products offering their full range of sound and performance at – even the lowest volumes. Future Sonics products are available through their web site at, from their authorized global network dealers or your local audiologists and hearing specialists offering BIGGER SOUND @ lower volume.â„¢

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