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AWS 948 Joined by Matrix and Seven Nucleus Systems in Major Upgrade for Leading Mexican Educator

COYOAC�N, MEXICO CITY – The G. Martell College of Music and Audio, a Mexico City-based music institution in existence for 101 years, installed a Solid State Logic AWS 948 Console/Controller in its main teaching studio as part of a major facilities upgrade. The AWS 948 joins a recently-completed SSL Matrix room and a new computer workstation room featuring seven SSL Nucleus systems to round out the educational experience. The AWS, Matrix and Nucleus systems will be used to teach all aspects of capture, mix and signal flow for music recording, mixing and post production.

“Our nearly 1500 students learn the art of recording audio through both theoretical and practical classes,� says Hugo Gutierrez, academic director of the audio engineering and production program for G. Martell College of Music and Audio. “Because we upgraded our facilities, we wanted to offer our students the very best production tools available and that meant getting SSL. In Mexico City, there are around 30 studios that have SSL consoles, so giving our students experience on the AWS 948, Matrix and Nucleus will give them a leg up when applying for a job. We believe that SSL produces the best sounding consoles in the world and are proud to have our students learn on them.�

The AWS 948 gives students the unique educational experience of traditional analogue workflow and DAW control, addressing a Pro Tools® 9 DAW, allowing the school to teach all aspects of modern recording and mixing from one room. The Matrix studio is also set up with a Pro Tools 9 system but is focused on line-level mixing using outboard gear, while the Nucleus room addresses Nuendo systems. The aim is to give students a well-rounded experience with different types of outboard gear, DAW software and production techniques, with the different SSL platforms bringing the entire experience together.

“With the AWS 948, we have the opportunity to start each session with SSL’s superior sound quality, allowing our students to critically hear changes and know exactly what transpired sonically, not just move a knob or a mouse,� Gutierrez
states. “The AWS 948 provides us with a platform that lets students understand sound, not fix it, so they become better engineers. We will use the AWS for mixing, mastering, 5.1 surround mixing and as a straightforward controller for electronic music projects, as we have many music majors using the equipment as well.�

Another reason for the AWS 948, Matrix and Nucleus acquisition is the growing media production industry in Mexico. More sophisticated, high-level productions are being started and completed in the region and the school recognizes the need to offer the latest equipment for teaching.

“The recording industry in Mexico today is truly international in nature,� explains Gutierrez. “From television programming and popular music production to major feature films, projects come to Mexico from around the globe. We have watched this trend and have responded with our new facilities. We believe, through the training our students receive by using SSL consoles, we will build a strong core of excellent engineers to meet the growing demand in the industry. SSL combines elite sound with elite operation – the best of both worlds – and that is why we purchased the AWS 948, Matrix and Nucleus units.�

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