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Gabisom Reinforces Ivete Sangalo DVD Concert with Martin Audio MLA

Gabisom Audio Equipment recently reinforced a special DVD Concert by the Brazilian singer, songwriter and actress Ivete Sangalo at Allianze Parque in Sao Paulo, Brazil with a comprehensive Martin Audio MLA system.

A special DVD Concert by the Brazilian singer, songwriter and actress Ivete Sangalo at Allianze Parque in Sao Paulo, Brazil was reinforced with an impressive Martin Audio MLA system supplied by Gabisom Audio Equipment.

One of the most popular and best-selling female singers in Brazil and Portugal, Sangalo has six albums with the group Banda Eva and seven solo LPs with a total of 15 million copies in sales.

Asked to detail the comprehensive PA system, Gabisom system engineer Eder Moura explains, “the concert had an audience of 48,000 in a coverage area measuring over 500 ft. We used 6 hangs, a main L/R hang with 20 MLAs and 2 MLDs, side L/R hangs with 21 MLAs and 1 MLD, a rear L/R hang with 4 MLAs, plus 16 MLX subs per side and 12 MLA Compact as front fill.

“For this particular event which featured a 360-degree stage, the biggest challenge was no delay towers because the video sightlines for DVD recording couldn’t be blocked and the weight of the PA hang. The hang points were on the main roof of the stadium with all the lighting,” he continues, “so we needed a system that could handle the coverage and not be too heavy. That was the first time we haven’t use delay towers at that stadium. The MLA system performed very impressively and did a great job in terms of coverage, audio quality and control.”

Asked about mixing on MLA, Ivete Sangalo’s FOH engineer Zé Lima adds, “After the experience of using the MLA at Rock in Rio 2018, it made sense to use the system to cover and control the stage at the Allianz Parque for this DVD recording of Ivete Sangalo, given all the control, coverage and sound quality the system delivers.

“Although the space has a capacity of more than 50 thousand people, Gabisom, through their system engineer Eder Moura, opted for a design that did not require the sound reinforcement through delay lines, which brightened the performance of the MLA system even more. Because of the sound coverage, timbre, the constant presence with intelligibility, and the frequency response, the system was stable with excellent sound pressure levels throughout the concert. In fact, the option to use the MLA for the DVD recording was of great importance because of the truly amazing final result we were able to achieve!”

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