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GameSoundCon Presents Audio for Virtual Reality, Essential Game Audio Tech, Wwise and FMOD workshops, and more

The 2015 schedule boasts a roster of impressive talent and professionals leading sessions for game sound composers of all levels

Seattle, WA  – The team at GameSoundCon finalized the 2015 schedule for the leading conference on video game music and sound design, and presents the most compelling speakers and sessions for game music composers yet.

Audio for Virtual Reality is a big topic this year. Several 3D audio companies will exhibit their latest virtual reality audio solutions, and GameSoundCon attendees will have the choice of two sessions on the topic, one led by Scott Selfon, senior development lead in Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG), and one by Eric Hamdan from UCSD.

Additionally, 4 time Emmy Award winner and UCLA professor Laura Karpman will talk about creating great sounding music without a real orchestra, and John Rodd, music recording, mixing and mastering engineer for video games, film and TV, will present the complimentary session “Breathing Life into your Virtual Instrument Mixes”.

BAFTA award-winning composer Jason Graves will discuss his creative approach to simultaneously scoring multiple, diverse projects including Until Dawn, The Order: 1886, Evolve, and Tomb Raider in his talk “The Modern Composer – An Army of One”. Topics covered will include musical brainstorming, tight deadlines and mockups vs. live orchestra with a heavy emphasis on creative music production and finding an original sound for your project.

The featured keynote speaker for the 2015 conference is Chance Thomas. Chance is a well-known fixture in game audio.  He led the movement which brought game music into the Grammy™ awards and helped found the Game Audio Network Guild.  As a composer, he’s scored blockbuster game titles like DOTA 2, James Cameron’s Avatar and Lord of the Rings Online. Chance’s keynote speech, “Spoils of War: Ten Gems of Wisdom from 20 years in the trenches” will offer valuable career advice for game sound composers.

The jam-packed 2 days of GameSoundCon will give attendees the opportunity to participate in hands-on FMOD and Wwise workshops, first-timers will benefit from a variety of introductory courses on game audio, and pros will appreciate specialized sessions such as

  • The “Technical Composer” – Middleware as an Instrument, VR and Adaptive Music
  • Business Essentials: Pitches, Paperwork, & People
  • Paralyzed! Managing Imposter Syndrome

Registration is at!registration/c1h3x

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About SoundCon LLC
SoundCon LLC is dedicated to education on the art, technology and business of composing for video games and video game sound design.  With award-winning speakers and panelists from throughout the game and traditional audio industries, GameSoundCon is the leading music and sound conference specifically for the professional audio community.  GameSoundCon creator and speaker Brian Schmidt received the Game Audio Network Guild’s 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award, and is a 27 year veteran in the game audio industry, having composed award-winning game music and created sound effects for over 130 interactive games.