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— New high-resolution reference monitors debut at AES —

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, October 21, 2009 — GC Pro, the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Ocean Way Impact Monitor System. In some circles of the audiophile community, the words “professional monitor� have a somewhat negative connotation. The Ocean Way Impact Monitor System bridges the gap, as it’s designed as a high-definition reference point to sonically judge and decide intricate musical balances for final mixes without the loud and harsh characteristics and lack of depth of field found in most professional monitors.

Designed by Allen Sides, the GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer, producer and mixer who founded Ocean Way Recording, the Impact system is the culmination of almost 40 years of his experience designing high

resolution studio speaker systems for his many studios, as well as a wide variety of commercial installations, including George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch scoring stage; Trevor Horn’s Sarm Studios in London; and Walt Disney’s Hollywood Records, as well as private installations for musical artists like Gwen Stefani, David Grohl and Beck.

Impact’s unique 120-degree dispersion, coupled with having identical flare rates on both HF and LF horns, allows for a very wide listening window eliminating the narrow “sweet spot� effect. The Impact also produces extended and detailed low end to 36Hz. A pair of Impact speakers is extremely accurate, delivering, within 1db, 1k to 18k frequency response with exceptionally wide bandwidth. The system encompasses low distortion drivers and a bi-amplified, equalized electronic package second to none. This allows absolute symmetry in regards to stereo imaging.

Ocean Way Impact monitors will reveal subtleties and nuances in recordings and mixes that may have never been heard before on traditional monitors and provide dynamics not thought possible. From a recording engineer’s standpoint, these are invaluable assets allowing for the most accurate playback of recordings and mixes, and from the audiophile’s standpoint, their best recordings will sound simply exceptional.

The Ocean Way Impact Monitor System specifications are impressive:

– Frequency response ±2dB, 36Hz to 18kHz
– Symmetry between channels ± 0.5dB, 1k to 18kHz
– Maximum SPL – Over 110dB at 6 feet, 36Hz to 18kHz
– Maximum Power Handling Capacity:
High Frequency Driver Max 50 Watts continuous 650 Hz and up
(Note: 1 Watt in at 1k measured at 3 feet produces 106 dB)
Bass Woofer max 400 Watts continuous
– High Frequency horn has a 400Hz cutoff with 120-degree by 40-degree dispersion
– Bass horn has a 36Hz cutoff with a 120-degree by 40-degree dispersion
– Crossover point 650Hz and 18dB per octave

Component description:
– High Frequency driver has an 18,000 gauss magnetic structure and titanium diaphragm with aluminum voice coil, 1-inch throat
– Bass woofer is 15-inch and has an 11,000 gauss magnetic structure with an aluminum voice coil

Weight: 250lbs
Dimensions: 36″ wide x 27″ deep x 44″ high

The Ocean Way Impact Monitor System is now available from Guitar Center Professional with a U.S. MSRP of $38,000.