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NEW YORK — The highly anticipated Germano Studios New York opened recently in Manhattan’s NoHo district, becoming the first major studio facility to open in several years. Owned by former Hit Factory CEO Troy Germano, the studio includes two Solid State Logic Duality 48 channel consoles and a 32 input X-Rack monitor mixer with Total Recall™. Each console interfaces directly with Pro Tools HD3™ systems and a large compliment of carefully selected outboard gear. The studio has already hosted several well known artists, producers and engineers, including producer David Kahne, who with artist Matisyahu, became the studio’s first client.

“It was my goal to present a studio that addresses the needs of contemporary audio professionals and working methods,� says Germano. “The choice of console was clear as the Duality offers the quality sound of the flagship SSL analogue consoles combined with the on-console control of our Pro Tools systems. The merging of both new and classic equipment was paramount in my thought process and the combination of Duality and Pro Tools was the perfect choice.�

The new facility was designed by Troy’s Studio Design Group and UK-based White Mark, Ltd. The studio is the culmination of a design career that has included the Hit Factory Criteria in Miami, Red Bull North America, in Santa Monica, Calif. and the initial recording studio for New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music. By 2002, the number of music studios under Troy’s supervision had grown to 16 recording/mixing rooms, six mastering suites and six writing rooms between New York and Florida, and in 2003 he won a TEC Award for Studio Design for Hit Factory New York’s new Studio 6.

Says Kahne, “The experience with working on the Duality was amazing as it sounds and feels like a 9000 K and you have complete control over the Pro Tools systems right on the console. Because of this control integration, our session became easier because there were fewer steps needed to accomplish the same goal. As one would expect, Germano Studios is completely pro in every aspect. With Duality, Troy can service clients that work completely in-the-box or use traditional tracking and mixing, and everything in between.� Kahne has produced projects with Regina Spektor, Paul McCartney, Carney and Lizzy Grant among many others.

Duality was designed to be the analogue console for the digital age by combining SSL’s SuperAnalogue™ mic preamps and signal path with full integration of Pro Tools control on the console surface. This allows the engineer to focus creative attention on the process of recording and mixing, rather than retreating from the console to use a mouse interface directly on the computer.

“My intention from day one was to find that special location where creativity would be easier to achieve,� Germano explains. “With a private, musician-friendly atmosphere unique to New York City, the location in Noho is that exact space. No other studio in the U.S. offers two SSL Duality consoles with such large-scale Pro Tools systems that are inclusive of endless plug-ins as well as classic outboard gear and monitoring systems that are smooth, accurate and LOUD. We have had a continuing relationship with SSL over the years and the Duality console proves why SSL is always leading the industry.�

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