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HOLLYWOOD — EASTWEST is celebrating 20 years as one of the industry‘s leading soundware developer and distributors and is offering its users the opportunity to purchase select virtual instruments at greatly reduced rates.

From March 24 through April 30 users visiting the EASTWEST website will be able to automatically purchase one product and receive a collection of equal or lesser value for free – no promotional code necessary. There is also no limit on the amount of virtual instruments that can be purchased where a user receives one free. Virtual instruments eligible for this discount are some of the most popular the company has to offer. They include:

FAB FOUR: A faithfully executed, incredibly accurate comprehensive collection of the same kind of musical instruments and recording equipment the Beatles used to record their music.

GYPSY: A virtual instrument of intimate European sounds with unprecedented detail.

MINISTRY OF ROCK: A huge virtual instrument of rock drums, basses and guitars that provides a true all-in-one solution for rock productions.

VOICES OF PASSION: An assortment of ethereal, passionate, flowing, mysterious, wailing and whispering alto and soprano voices of female vocalists from Wales, Syria, India, Bulgaria and America.

COLOSSUS: A massive 32 Gigabyte virtual instrument that covers all of the basic musical genres. Some of the sounds offered here include drums, guitars, pianos/electric pianos, organs, brass, orchestral, choirs, keyboards/mallet instruments, ethnic instruments, New Age ensembles, stormdrones, synth basses, synth leads, and synth pads.

SYMPHONIC CHOIRS: With Symphonic Choirs users can control the words, language and key of a world-class symphonic choir from their keyboard controller. In addition, this is the first 24-bit choir virtual instrument to include three simultaneous stereo mic setups (close, stage and hall), so users can mix any combination of mic positions.

QUANTUM LEAP RA: One of the largest and most detailed virtual instrument of ethnic instruments from six areas of the world: Africa, Americas and Australia; Europe, Far East, Middle East and the Turkish Empire; and India. Every instrument and ensemble was sampled extensively so that the character of each instrument is preserved.

PLATINUM ORCHESTRA BUNDLE (EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum and Platinum PRO XP) and GOLD ORCHESTRA BUNDLE (EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra Gold and Gold PRO XP): Recorded in a 125 million dollar concert hall by Grammy winning classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson, these virtual instruments eclipse all others with the highest level of fidelity and realism. Beyond the orchestra’s phenomenal recording quality is its ability to breathe life into the virtual world, creating a real space and filling it with sound.

PLATINUM PRO XP and GOLD PRO XP: Platinum PRO XP and Gold PRO XP double the size of the original award-winning Symphonic Orchestra Platinum and Gold versions.

SILVER ORCHESTRA: The most cost-effective, high-quality virtual orchestra. The collection includes all sections of the orchestra plus solo instruments, organs, choirs, and an incredible Steinway Grand piano.

STORMDRUM: A massive 6 Gigabyte collection of loops and multi-samples from three world-class percussionists. The content is classic film score stuff: big fat booming drums, smaller ethnic hand percussion, enough metallic hits to make a steelworker feel at home, and a range of acoustic kits.

PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES 2: The sequel to the multi-award winning Percussive Adventures. Designed for film, TV, game and music composers, Percussive Adventures 2 goes further than PA1 with lengthy and evolving rhythmic terrains. All samples are edited into loop segments, alternate mixes and completely isolated layers.

HARDCORE BASS XP: The only Electric Bass virtual instrument that delivers (with the included XPansion) an authentic set of electric basses suitable for most genres, from Jazz to Hip Hop, R&B to Pop, Dance to Hard Rock. Included in the collection are seven different highly sought-after electric basses at different pick-up and amp settings with over 6 Gigabytes of multisamples.

ADRENALINE: Adrenaline is a distinctive cross section of all current musical styles with only one common theme – the ability to inject vital energy into anything it touches. It features pumping raw multi-track construction kits of dark, heavy, violent moments injected with raging melodies.

STORMBREAKZ: Features two of the six loop categories included in Stormdrum – Big Beats (mid tempo with a bad attitude) and Fastbreaks (fast, furious and frequently wicked). It also includes loops from the Film Tech category of Stormdrum and multi-sampled electronic drum kits and tech hits, created by processing live drum sounds.

PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES 2 LE: A collection of all the loops featured in Percussive Adventures 2.

EASTWEST/PMI Bösendorfer 290: A pristine piano library that finally captures all of the beauty of this piano. Up to 16 velocity layers, true release samples, true repedalling and two different microphone positions (close and ambient) for ultimate ambience control.

“Throughout our 20 years developing the latest in sampling technology, one element of EASTWEST‘s virtual instrument has remained consistent — our sonic quality,” says EASTWEST Founder Doug Rogers. “With this unique opportunity, our customers will be able to use and enjoy the high quality virtual instruments and samples we have been providing for the past two decades at an unmatched cost.”