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GHD Max Styler Review

GHD Stylers come in three different sizes. These three sizes include the Classic, Mini and Max. When GHD was designing the GHD Max Styler, they had ladies with very long and/or thick hair in mind. The Max Styler has wide plates so that people with this type of hair can get their hair straight a lot faster than what they could with other models. GHD didn’t just go a little bigger with the plates either, they went a whopping twice as wide with the plates.

One would think that the Max would be pretty heavy with plates this big, but that’s not the case. It’s unusually light for its size making it no more difficult to use than other stylers that are smaller. The light weight of the unit also comes in handy when traveling.

The GHD Max Styler heats up very quickly too. When you turn it on, a light on the switch will begin flashing to let you know it’s on. The light will stop flashing, and it will beep three times after around thirty seconds to let you know that it is now ready for use. This is much faster than what it takes the average hair straightener to warm up. If you are one of those people that like to wait until the last minute before getting ready to go somewhere, you will love this feature.

One thing that people tend to notice first is that it doesn’t have a heat setting. This is because GHD straighteners have advanced circuitry that lets them know exactly what temperature they need to be at. At first glance, you may think that a temperature control is a feature that it’s lacking. In reality… This is an added feature that you don’t see.