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ghd for sale I have a feeling

The idea of Heatpocalypse 2011 using my hair is very unbearable. ghd for sale I have a feeling I’m not alone. Therefore, the hair and neck here, a little relief in the brutal weather some ideas:

1. A messy side of the joint. Chanel runway in a sexy, like a mountain ????? stylist create a loose side ponytail with your fingers, make sure your hair is a bunch of hair. Then, from both ends of the ponytail, behind the ears and pin. (Do not worry, if a small drop of the roll, should not look too perfect.)

2. Textured buns. This aspect is not very complicated knot side, but with the same cool and casual. Gather hair in a ponytail (again, use your fingers to pull it), and to ensure flexibility. Braided ponytail, wrapping the hair around the elastic and pin. Then shampoo dry vapor mist more shells, crushed, and then use your fingers to finish rude. Stylist Mark Townsend, who taught me this trick, and rolls better when the entire head or in the middle. If you are at the base of the neck, which is a little too ballerina.

Maybe some people think it’s the end, you can leave now. In fact, you’re wrong! There is a necessary step. This is how you deal with your hair, the other side of the neck. You must have short hair, you can not tie a knot, because of its length. How can we do that?

We can let the short hair natural. Short hair is too curly or too dirty, it should be a point for the entire hair. Perhaps you will say short hair is shiny and smooth! In fact, it is a piece of pie. We can do it, we can do very well. We short straight hair with a flat iron good quality. I use a ghd straightener specials. I think this is a good use. You can try!