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ghd straightener in accordance with the relevant

Spokesman said, GHD is to offer third party acquisition of shares prices, should be connected to the 3.65 billion yuan, or 3.65 billion yuan of the shares, to an independent third party company to buy has interest payments minus the gains of this time was awarded two times depending on whichever is higher. The reason for these transactions to take ghdstraighteneraustraliax / in connection with one of the most important factors, that is to say, that GHD is hoping to complete the transactions its basic rules require payment in cash, for more than 3.6 billion yuan of funds is no ordinary business now was drawn into. Financing, is also in the middle of the year by the output of 6.5 billion yuan were the preparations for the integration of the acquisitions,ghd straightener, avoid the other hand,ghd straighteners, the form of options and other transactions, but also the problem of calculating diluted earnings per share. The GHD President, said interventions of third parties is a transitional arrangement, both parties bring the main reason for that, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions be carried the country to achieve a cash transaction, if listed in Hong Kong directly to the application and approval process go GHD, waits for the Commerce Department. Agencies approved to complete. Implemented the transaction directly with the present model, which first can third-party intervention debt from the old company are also a divestitures, such as shops and other business assets in the newly founded GHD has led the original creditor commitment. In this case can third parties immediately complete the acquisition of the assets of the new GHD. GHD completely put into operation management can immediately integration and GHD, delay time, don’t miss opportunities.