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ghd straightener uk acquired

Chinese straightening ghd straighteners irons are the first shares in the future, how to better their responsibilities and duties of a listed company, said Wang Tao in his speech, is O’Connell be listed as an opportunity, based on capital and more industrial root in China, the international undeterred fulfil the obligation to good of a listed company, to do a responsible management. This Houao Kang is a respected company to increase the transformation and modernisation of companies committed to the benefit of customers and employees of the company, a positive return on the social company. It is reported that the brand experience shop with top and bottom three floors, including running, sports culture, tennis, football, basketball, women training men’s training, extreme sports and the straightening iron brands, innovative products. Believe it will become the sport – an another new limit point love people in the Tianhe district of sports.ghd straightener uk acquired, used, what types of management mode? Also think in advance. The 2005 GHD must finally claiming protracted battle of the brand to this day. Today, GHD announcement to say to complete the brand GHD group in August 2007, remove said to formalities, then the company national trade mark bureau the application for the trade mark law association. After two months, the company received a national trademark bureau of the application for trademark assignment GHD notification of acceptance. The trademark is currently registration expected to March 2008 registration of transfer changes to carry out all the formalities.