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ghost generally hovering in the thinking

May 4, 2012, that is, the day of the Youth Day, my mind has been filled with some things, difficulties in breathing audiovisual, and I think I was probably afraid. I dropped the books, escaped from the library, stroll in the  cheap nike air max 95 360 men’s shoes for sale campus of a large set, so the whole night, aimlessly free, set in the shadow of the night the campus. But, is black, and have actually made me feel bright, at least, reveals a faint light, although slim, but still not despair!
But there is a bright, hard and strong, ghost generally hovering in the thinking of the people’s hardship and despair, people can not find a way out. At this moment, I think of Sadako, do not know how many people’s nightmares Sadako, this time, actually, and the coming and going of bare white thigh girls like the set of walking in this darkness enveloped the campus. Compared with full of those things in my mind, Sadako really is a lovely woman! But I do not understand, we are where As Sadako afraid of here? Whole piece of voices, all vaguely reveal trembling echo event also fairly emboldened, but also nothing.
“Zhang Yimou’s film” Thirteen Girls in Jinling Japan refused screening, direct ban, we can not do? Devils beat “Sadako 3D will be released in mainland China on May 12 and May 12 is a national crisis Anyway, this day is a sad day, as the Chinese people, how can we forget that Japan has China mutilation! dare “Sadako 3D” on May 12, the box office is zero? spread to the whole country! “
Talk about the first time to see friends turn reads. Then I thought, conscience, if Japan really refuse Jinling 13 hairpin “screenings are also considered logical, after all, there is little of a nation can be tolerant to allow other ethnic groups in front of their own anatomy own evil image. “Sadako screened in Chinese cinemas, indeed quite so I suspect that cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse women’s shoes is not to underestimate China SARFT audit?
Shortly thereafter, the space on the scraper.
Shot by the Chinese people, “Jinling 13 hairpin” little devils box office zero. The small Japanese shot Sadako 3D will be released in mainland China on May 12 May 12, both the anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre, also is a national crisis. forget national humiliation!! As a Chinese, dare let Sadako 3D on May 12 at the box office zero friends pick up your mouse to spin to spin! “
Shortly thereafter, my group this message.
Shortly thereafter, China has reached an unprecedented level of unity against the common enemy and unprecedented!
Shortly thereafter, the patriotic emotions surging potential, such as horses, spectacular!
Is this unprecedented unity, this unprecedented emotional, so I think the cold. A group of young blood, filled in around my make my frustrations heavy. What can I say something? I just feel that the society in which being some kind of something more terrible than Sadako shrouded, although recognition of brightness, but the growing Weimang and indifferent, one after another thought youth fought to abortion.
Take advantage of this has always been so hated, but I still could not believe at Love Field, shopping malls, Vanity Fair has long been commonplace, also unexpectedly China’s most promising young, this actually murdered in cheap nike air max tn shoes for salecold blood. I am well versed in those thick black light and strength, only to feel the spirited voices, as to make people weak!