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Gibson Brands is bringing some of its head-turning, renowned pro audio products, including Cerwin-Vega’s XD and XLS home speaker systems and Gibson’s famed Les Paul Reference Monitors, to AXPONA/Audio Con (Suite 538). The products perfectly lend themselves to home theater, gaming and recording studio applications.

The Gibson Les Paul Reference Monitors, available in four-, six- and eight-inch models, offerboth customary and unique benefits at each size. Each monitor features a two-way, bi-amped, full-range frequency speaker; non-woven, carbon fiber woofers that are lightweight, but deliver accurate bass response; and a one-inch diamond-like carbon-coated, titanium tweeter, which delivers high-frequency extension to take performance to new heights. This is evident in any recording, mixing or producing project, and even for times when a user chooses to simply enjoy the playback.

The four-inch Les Paul 4 offers definition, clean transient impulse response and large headroom in a compact size, while the six-inch Les Paul 6 produces surprisingly deeper low end than is expected from its size. The eight-inch Les Paul 8 sits at the top of the Gibson Les Paul Reference Monitor range and has the power to fill even the largest of spaces. The abilities to produce such sonorous sounds do not interfere from supplying signature midrange and top end clarity. All three Gibson Les Paul Reference Monitors are available in cherry, cherry burst and tobacco burst color options.

Cerwin-Vega’s XLS Series is ideal for those looking to fill a home with robust sound. With six full range speakers, two subwoofers and one center channel product, each of which features the company’s legendary drivers, iconic design meets a powerful setup to bring sound quality to the forefront. The design features the brand’s signature red striking surrounds built onto every low-end driver. Additionally, the line’s horn and baffle designs deliver sonic clarity and supreme acoustic detail to any room.

Cerwin-Vega’s XD Series offers the impressive frequency range of a home theater system in a compact unit also adaptable for computer use. Compatible with the XD8S Subwoofer, each pair of XD Series speakers—XD3, XD4, XD5—are fit for any budget or footprint, exude mature sound and ensure an easy home media setup with multiple input connections.Furthermore, the entire XD Series features an engaging Vega-Bass enhanced EQ and has seamless desktop remote controls.  

Experience the Gibson products in-person at AXPONA by visiting Suite 538 in The Westin O’Hare Hotel in Chicago, Illinois from April 24 to 26.