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Digimidi Technical Services Founder Gil Gowing Chooses Genelec

— Gil Gowing, founder of Digimidi Technical Service – a consulting, training and production firm – employs a wide range of Genelec Active Monitors in his daily work and recently helped Genelec demonstrate its latest product offering, The Ones, at AES —

NATICK, MA — Gil Gowing is known throughout the industry as THE creative problem solver. For over two decades, he has helped artists, engineers and producers create and streamline their workflow – all with the goal of helping them make their musical dreams a reality. Earlier this year, Gowing founded Digimidi Technical Services, which offers consulting, training and workflow design for engineers, producers, musicians and composers. For pro audio and software manufacturers, Digimidi Technical Services provides product consultation, end-user and reseller training, and tradeshow demos, as well as marketing and website media creation.

Gowing, a longtime user of active monitors from Genelec, began using a pair of classic 1030’s over 20 years ago and to this day employs Genelecs in his main system. “I am using seven Genelec 8330’s, two 8320’s and two 7360 subs for my main system,” stated Gil Gowing. “These are set up in a 7.2.4 Atmos mixing configuration with my 32-fader Avid S6 console. I also have a programming station that is set up with two 8330’s and a 7350 sub in stereo. I went with Genelec due to my familiarity with its monitor systems, going back over 20 years to when I was using a pair of 1030’s. I have always trusted what I was hearing to be accurate with Genelec monitors, and this is even truer with the GLM loudspeaker management system, which makes it extremely easy to calibrate your monitors to your room without any hassle. I know that all of my work will translate between my two systems and anywhere else.”

Gowing began in the industry getting involved in music production in the early ‘80s. A musician at heart, playing guitar and bass, Gowing embraced technology and was an early adopter of Digidesign’s Sound Tools. After three years doing freelance production in Nashville, Gowing joined Digidesign, and moved to central Florida, where he still resides.

Always remaining on the cutting edge, Gowing has been involved in the immersive audio experience for quite some time. “I have been doing quite a bit of research into immersive mixing and have set up a small Atmos room to further explore and develop training materials to help others with these new and exciting mixing platforms,” said Gowing. “Genelec makes it easy to set up and scale your monitoring system to your room’s requirements.”

For the recent 143 Audio Engineering International Society convention, Gowing worked closely with Genelec to create an immersive audio environment that highlights the company’s latest product introduction, The Ones. “At AES, Genelec showed its newest series of monitors, The Ones, in an Atmos environment,” commented Gowing. “With my expertise in this area, along with my years of trade show demo work, Genelec asked me to help craft an immersive mixing demo and present it at its booth for the show. During the demo, we discussed and demonstrated how Genelec can help with monitoring solutions for immersive mixing, and showed some different techniques for mixing both music and post in Atmos. It was a very successful demo, and I was pleased to be involved.”

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