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glanced at Timberland Men’s 6 Inch Boots

Qi Feng to listen Jushou speak to the interest: public and thin to say. “Jushou visual about the Qi Feng certainly understand what it meant, the Xianbei people abandoned the camp came with Zhang Liao, Jushou, Zhang Yang, also sent a henchman to guard the gate of the camp, Timberland Men’s 6 Inch Bootscity. Lord just fielded five thousand crack troops, clinging to surrender the city Xianbei people recharge, army new lax defeated army heart will naturally the direct retreat rebound uul. then as long as a crack had laid an ambush on the road, must defeat enemy, the main public won bomb sweat mountain lay the foundation. “Qi nodded Wind listening to: This account is feasible, but I do not know who lead troops Champa defenders Who along ambush it? “glanced at Timberland Men’s 6 Inch Boots the three people in the tent, they all three are Grossly, nose, nose view of the mouth. As did something wrong. Qi Feng: public, this count is comes from you, or you to give wind be recommended. ”     Jushou how Zhang Liao and Zhang Yang, two people do not know how to think. Zhang Liao many days to follow Qi Feng, naturally called him to do what he was doing, As to how to plan for how to proceed, it was cheap timberland not his to consider. Zhang Yang Ganggang surrender Qifeng’s life is saved, but He also did not get a clear idea of ??Qi wind temperament, so he not dare not speak. Jushou is it not so?   hm520pp20120929