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Global Audio Supports New York World Pride Event

Global Audio Systems provided audio, lights and staging for the NY World Pride Event at New York City’s Javits Center.

Global Audio Systems provided audio, lights and staging for the NY World Pride Event at New York City’s Javits Center, the first time the event has been held in the US. Featured artists included Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper, Kygo, Brandy, Billy Porter, J Hart, DJ Paulo and the casts from Stomp! and Cirque Du Soleil.

Discussing the unique concert/dance festival/rave, Global Audio’s Jason Ojeda explains, “the event was held in the Javits Center’s main halls A and B for over 15,000 people. We built the main stage that was 200 ft. wide. We also brought in the world’s leading lighting designer Steve Lieberman from SJ Lighting, a longtime friend who did a fantastic job. The lighting system had over 250 moving fixtures with a lighting truss that was 390 ft. at its widest span.”

Asked about the audio system, he responds, “we had 12 flown hangs of L-Acoustics V-DOSC, six hangs with nine boxes per hang across the front in a stereo configuration––every other stack was left-right, left-right for a stereo image––with 48 L-Acoustics SB28 and KS28 subs ground-stacked in front of the stage. The delays were 192 ft. back over the crowd with six hangs of dV-DOSC and 12 L-Acoustics dV subs. We also had 18 L-Acoustics Karas on top of the sub stacks for front fills.

“In terms of the challenges, there wasn’t a very high ceiling so we couldn’t get a large array in the space plus we wanted to create a nightclub environment with what was essentially the world’s largest dance floor. So we needed to provide more of an intimate night club sound than the typical concert sound.”

Commenting on the show, Jason concludes: “It worked out great. We only had 16 hours to get everything set up in addition to the room acoustics in what was a big cavernous cement space. Once the sound system was up and tested/tuned we opened up the large partitioned wall to reduce slapback in the room, and that allowed us to transmit the sound freely between both open spaces which eliminated the reflections.

“Global Audio mixed the show and it sounded absolutely amazing. There was uniform coverage for the whole crowd with no drop off areas. The balance from front to rear and side to side was extremely smooth.

“Bottom line, everyone was pleasantly surprised at how good it could sound at Jacob Javits Center and the way we distributed audio in the space allowed it become a more intimate experience and achieved the goal of sounding like a night club.”

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