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Google Android platform smart glasses on sale before the end of the year

Google glasses test version is the first Project Glass Products. Google glasses test is essentially software that allows the user to wear glasses to show the world, a device to interact with the world.
Google glasses designed to not interfere with user activities. Google said that its optical, weighing less than most of the weight of Wholesale Sunglasses, glasses on one side there is a control touchpad, there is a button at the top, with the built-in camera to take pictures and video, upper eye sight has a very small information display. Google glasses configure a camera; support multiple radio data communication, a headset and a gyroscope, so that Google glasses at any time to tell the user location and direction. The final Google spectacles will penetrate into every area of daily life. Google the user to wear glasses to be able to log in to the Google+ network, real-time transmission of video, photographs, or movies, share his effortlessly capture. Google search will also be part of Google glasses.
Rife Needleman of CNET editors is one of the first reporters to experience Google glasses prototype products. Google co-founder Sergey Bring, the prototype of the Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. Rife wear reported the: Google glasses only right ear audio output, no earplugs, the sound echoed in the air. The hand placed on the ear cup, the glasses will amplify the sound. Bring said the hand cupped on social gestures ears can alert nearby people, are you concerned about the equipment.
April 4, 2012, Google announced that the company developed to expand reality glasses Project Glass project, this project comes from secret Google X lab team. Choose according to its demo video, through the eyes of various functions, but the specific implementation of the seemingly through voice control.
Google co-founder Sergey Bring, Google glasses on display in the General Assembly, and said: “This is really a new technology; we hope that you will also be involved. We hope to send them to one of the hands of developers are interested in participating.” Cloth Lin said, Google wants to sell this product from early 2014 to the average consumer.
The glasses will be sold during the conference before the sale of the consumer, oriented in 2014, is intended solely for the developers to participate in the Google IO Conference today sale, delivery time for the beginning of next year. Taboo stores these Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, from this part of the sale in advance to open early adopters by supply.
Google the glasses off function are also very cool. Boolean expressions can turn off Google glasses when he read the text of the e-mail. When important e-mail, he will get an audio reminder a little rise, it will display the information. Google glasses headset using titanium alloy, light weight and comfortable. Google Glasses trial version only for the developers to sell the U.S. I / O attendees will be able to spend $ 1 500 booking, but have to wait until early 2013 to hand.