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Google Honors the Legacy of Synthesizer Pioneer Bob Moog on his 78th Birthday with “Moog Google Doodle”

Asheville, NC, May 23, 2012— Today Google, Inc. honored the late Robert A. Moog, inventor of the Moog Synthesizer and founder of Moog Music Inc. with a “Moog Google Doodle” in honor of his 78th birthday. For 24 hours beginning early the morning of May 23rd, visitors to the Google site are greeted by a fully interactive, playable Google logo resembling a vintage Minimoog Model D synthesizer — an instrument that has made an indelible mark on modern music through a broad range of artists such as Daft Punk, Alicia Keys, U2, Sugarland, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West and Trent Reznor.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of analog synthesizers, Moog Music continues to build on Dr. Moog’s legacy by designing and manufacturing groundbreaking instruments such as Animoog, the world’s first professional synthesizer for the iPad and the Minitaur, a miniaturized version of the famous Taurus Bass Pedals.

“We are extremely excited about Google’s honor and recognition of Bob Moog,” commented Michael Adams, CEO, Moog Music Inc. “Bob’s life has affected so many people and continues to do so. We are truly grateful to be a part of carrying on his legacy through the instruments we create in his name. Thank you, Google for recognizing Bob, and his legacy.”

The Moog Google Doodle, built with a combination of highly advanced programming tools, enables Google visitors to produce nearly limitless sounds with the click of a mouse or the stroke of a key. Visitors are even able to capture and share their sonic creations using a simulated analog 4-track tape recorder patched in to the synth.

“With his passion for high-tech tool-making in the service of creativity, Bob Moog is
something of a patron saint of the nerdy arts and a hero to many of us here at
Google,” commented Joey Hurst, software engineer, Google. “Our interactive, playable logo was inspired by the instruments withwhich Moog brought musical performance into the electronic age.”

Dr. Moog’s instruments were hand crafted with the same spirit of innovation that drives Moog Music to this day, and the company continues to preserve and advance his legacy through its own initiatives and through the Bob Moog Foundation.

In honor of Dr. Bob’s birthday and in appreciation of Google’s Doodle, Moog Music will donate 50% of its website clothing and merchandise sales to the Bob Moog Foundation for purchases made on May 23rd. Additionally, Moog’s website contains videos and historical information about Dr. Bob, as well as a promotion on his last synth design: the Little Phatty. Check these out on the web and at authorized musical instrument retailers around the world.