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Grads of SAE Institute Nashville Enter a Healthy Market for Music Industry Jobs

According to a new article in Billboard Magazine, Nashville, TN has the highest concentration of music industry jobs in America – which is good news for the Audio Technology Program and Music Business Program graduates of Nashville’s SAE Institute.

In the article “Want a Job in the Music Business? These Are the Cities You Should Live In”, writer Glenn Peoples shares data from a report by economist Richard Florida, which determined that Nashville has 27,000 music industry jobs (7.8 jobs per 1,000 residents).  These jobs contribute $5.5 billion to the local economy, with the local music industry supporting 57,000 additional jobs.  The end result is a total economic output of $9.7 billion that’s attributable to music industry and music industry-related jobs.

“Billboards’s data confirms what we’ve always believed:  Nashville is a great place to pursue a music business career,” says Lynn Dorton, SAE Nashville Campus Director.  “Our Nashville campus offers an Audio Technology Program for aspiring engineers and a Music Business Program for aspiring music industry professionals.  Between these course offerings, the robust employment opportunities in the market, and our extensive network of Nashville-based alumni who are always on the lookout for our talented grads, SAE’s Nashville campus offers lots of rewarding music business career possibilities for hard-working students.”

Peoples’ article identifies other U.S. markets where music industry jobs are concentrated, four of which are locations where SAE has campuses:  New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.  Of the markets that Peoples discussed, Los Angeles has the second highest concentration of music industry jobs (2.8), New York has the fifth highest (2.0), Atlanta is tied with Seattle and Memphis for sixth place (1.8) and Chicago has the seventh highest concentration (1.7).

“Our vast network of SAE alumni is comprised of industry-leaders who work across the country, including all of the locales that were mentioned in the Billboard article,” says Dorton.  “This gives SAE grads a great choice:  live and work in the top music industry cities where they went to school, or begin their career in another city where SAE alumni can help them to find work.  Either way, the SAE connection can deliver rewarding opportunities in America’s busiest music business markets.”