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St. Paul, MN, May 21, 2008—Ed Cherney, Grammy award-winning record producer/engineer especially known for his work with such prominent recording artists as the Rolling Stones, Bette Midler and Bob Dylan, recently shared his personal insight into the music industry with more than 300 McNally Smith College of Music students as part of the school’s signature Masters Lecture Series.

The 90-minute intimate interview, produced by the college’s Music Business and Recording Technology Departments, mirrored the format of Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio. Upon sharing his personal tricks of the trade stemming from his fruitful music career, Cherney was applauded for his contribution to the next generation of music professionals, receiving the McNally Smith College of Music’s new Bachelors of Science in Music Degree (Record Producer.)

“I feel greatly privileged to have been a part of such an awesome learning opportunity,� says Recording AAS student Sassan Zaker. “It was enlightening to see how enthusiastic, yet humble, Ed was in speaking about his work, music, and influence in the industry throughout the course of his career.�

“McNally Smith College of Music is honored to have hosted Ed Cherney as its guest speaker and appreciates his invested time and commitment to music education,� says McNally Smith College of Music Executive Director of the McNally Smith Foundation and Grammy winner, André Fischer, who is responsible for establishing the new lecture series that showcases music industry legends including recording engineers and record producers Al Schmitt and George Massenburg and bassist and record producer Don Was. “By arranging visits with such music leaders as Ed Cherney, our students get a real-life perspective on the music world from the very music industry pioneers they learn about and admire.�

In addition to presenting at the college, Cherney received a personal tour of the state-of-the-art campus, which features an unprecedented 12 recording studios that include two new SSL Duality consoles. He later met with students as a guest instructor during the college’s special Master Class series.

“The level of expertise of the instructors at McNally Smith is very high and is on par with the dedication and commitment of its students,� says Cherney. “I was delighted to see so many individual students going into the studio by themselves with a reel of tape. Having the opportunity to explore on their own is really the only way to figure out how to master the art of recording. McNally Smith’s educational approach is totally hands on.

Cherney says it is important for leaders in the music industry to invest in the futures of the next generation of music professionals. “It is our responsibility to share our experience and knowledge. I can see myself in every one of the students who are lucky enough to know what their “special purpose� is in life is. I am delighted to have shared my hard earned expertise and experience with these kindred souls.�

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